Saturday, April 23, 2011



So, this buddy of mine, Arnold, called me the other day.  Arnold is kind of a hick, but has a heart of gold, and would saw off his right arm for you.  Anyway, we were talking about various things, and he said, "Andy, you're gonna be proud of me."

So, I asked him why.  He said, "Man, the other night I went out running the bars, and really tied one on.  I ain't proud of it, but I was double-sloshed.  I don't think I've ever been that wasted.  And, I did something I've NEVER done before.  I left my pickup at the bar, and took a bus home."

I was proud.  I told Arnold that I was, and that he had certainly made a wise decision.  It seemed to make him happy.

Then he continued, "Yep, I arrived home safe, and sound...which is kind of a miracle in itself, seein' as I never had drove a bus before!" might not be laughing now, but you'll be telling that one to somebody before dark.  (Feel free to punch it up any way you see fit).


  1. Roses: Indeed!

    Buck: Maybe not so much. I heard that one on "Lovable Larry Ryan's" radio program on Oldies 95.7 the other day. Larry is a local radio legend that I've been listening to since I was a kid. Maybe you've got friends in common.

  2. Are you sure Arnold doesn't live and drive a bus in New Orleans instead of Bossier?


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