Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Fourth, and final update to the four posts before this one.


Okay, I'm DONE!  Everything that I set out to get done got done today.

Well, pretty close, anyway.  I did not get the hall bathroom projects completely done, due to the fact that I realized that I was working with an inferior product while re-Dap-ing the bathtub.  This junk that somebody shoved off on The Mrs. is for crap!  I refuse to replace good Dap with this crap.  So, even though I've dug out all of the old Dap, and cleaned everything with bleach, and let it get all good and dried out for two days, I WILL NOT use this junk that somebody sold The Mrs.

I will wait until tomorrow afternoon when I get off from work, and go get some of the real thing.  Dap (Basin, Tub, and Tile Sealant).  Dangit!

I did get the lavatory faucet changed out.  The Mrs. had bought this thing WAY back, and I kept putting off changing it out, because...well...because.  But, I got it done!  And what a huge difference it makes in our hall bathroom!  Let me illustrate...

Right here is the OLD faucet...

See how crappy that looks?  Yeah...CRAPPY!

But, look at the new one that it took forever to install...

See!  Much better, huh?

Plus, the NEW faucet came with a NEW plastic tailpiece and drain dealie.  So, I was looking at the crappy old one (which is metal), and figured that there's no time like the present to replace crappy old metal drains with new plaskit ones!  So, I started unscrewing the old sink drain piece, and things were going along just great...until it quit unscrewing, and twisted off right under the nut.

I just hate it when you're unscrewing and a nut gets in the way.

So, "What time is it, boys and girls?"  Well, it's HACKSAW TIME!  About 30 minutes later, the old metal drain pipe is severed, and the new plaskit tailpiece is hooked up to the pvc trap underneath.  Now, you gotta be careful when you hook up drainage pipes with them plaskit nuts.  What you want to do is just get them "hand tight."

Now, my hands and forearms are pretty strong (due to the fact that I work with them a lot), so I'm always careful to just tighten them as tight as a normal human would.  Well, maybe not ALWAYS. 

Like tonight.

Dangit!  The last one of them slip nuts that I tightened down busted on me.  Can you believe that?   Well...believe it. 


Well, it ain't no big deal.  I can get one tomorrow when I get off from work for about 70 cents.  It's getting late, and I smell like a hog from enjoying my day off.  I'm gonna go call The Mrs. 

I don't know if I mentioned that she's off up in the country of Arkansas or not, but she is.  She ought to be back to the Oxford Inn, in Ozark (she don't stay at the farm when she visits, due to the fact that she doesn't like to intrude, and that her brother doesn't have a flush toilet...really...he doesn't) by now. phone is ringing...let's see who that might be...

Yep, it's her.  I'll catch y'all later.


  1. Andy, bless your heart. You're really lost at home by yourself without direction, aren't you?

  2. Yeah, I reckon, Jimbo. But, she'll be home tomorrow afternoon.

    And, ALL the laundry is done, too!

  3. No wonder Mrs. Andy luvs ya. She prolly leaves town every so often just to get the honey-do list cleaned up. ;-)

  4. The faucet pictures are the same, you dork!

  5. Nope, the pictures aren't the same, but they might be reversed. I see the nuance!

    Laundry done? Wow! All I had waiting for me when I got home was a new garden hose, a few new plants in the flower bed, and a martini.

    And house keys.

    I guess I made out all right, too!


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