Saturday, April 16, 2011

A third update on the previous three posts (which are down there somewhere underneath this one).


Okay, so I tried to call The Mrs. before I tore in to the hall bathroom work, but just got her voicemail. That is not unusual, because up there in Arkansas where her brother lives, the cellular telephone service is WAY spotty, because there's mountains and junk.

I'm not sure, but I think I had told y'all that The Mrs. took #4 son up to the old fambly farm to visit her brother this weekend, and I'm ALL ALONE WITH NOBODY TO TALK TO, so I'm trying to catch up on junk. 

Anyway, I got started tearing in to the plumbing, and re-Dap-ing deal that I'm pretty sure I had told y'all about.  I got to about here...

...and she called me.

She had walked up to the highest spot on the 365 acre place, and called me, and the call went through.  Yep!  God was on her side, and the cellular phone service worked.  We visited for a minute, and she told me that the gumbo she took with her (she makes a bitchin' gumbo), and the rice she'd cooked there were done, and they were all about to eat.

I told her how much I loved her, and reassured her that I knew how much she was missing me.  Poor thing.

It was right then that it occurred to me that I ain't had a bite to eat all day.  See, I am one of those odd type folks that NEVER gets hungry.  I only eat because I know if I don't, the tank will run empty, and I'll have to call somebody for help to push me to the station.  And, I hate to put folks out.

I really need to get something to eat, but, I've still got so much to do here that I don't want to cook.

Does Dominos' still deliver?  That sounds like a plan.  Let me call them, and get back to my plumbing, and re-Dap-ing project. 

MAN!  I'M GLAD THE MRS. CALLED ME!  I'd have never been reminded that I gotta eat...even on a day when I've got nothing to do...

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