Saturday, April 16, 2011

A second update to the previous two posts (which are the two directly underneath this one).


Okay, got the first 5 yards on the south side of Whittington St. (if you're coming off Barksdale Blvd) mowed, weedeated, and blown.  Well, not really.  I did NOT run my Poulan blower, because the wind is blowing roughly 400 miles per hour.

I figure I'll just let Him get finished, and when He's done, I'll do some touch-up work.  Thank God for small favors.

Now, it's time to tackle the hall bathroom.  I don't use the hall bathroom, but we still have #4 son at home who does, and we occasionally have guests that have need of facilities.  

No, me & The Mrs. use the Master Bathroom, which is original 1948 pink tile, and the walls are painted dark mauve.  I worked that bathroom over all by myself about 8 years ago.  I busted out the old pink tile shower, and ratty cabinets, and installed a lovely whirlpool American Standard bathtub.  It's nice, too.  I did it all by myself!  Well, I did have one of the sons (can't remember which one) help me carry the whirlpool American Standard bathtub in there (it was a bitch carrying a bathtub down the hall, through the bedroom, and squeezing it through the Master Bathroom doorway, but we got it done...still not proud of the language I used...but we got it done).

Anyway, I'm gonna jump on re-Dap-ing the tub in the hall bathroom, and swapping out the faucet on the vanity.  The Mrs. bought a new faucet WAY back, and asked me to change it out.  I guess NOW is as good a time as any, since I'm all alone here at Andy's Place.  With nothing to do.

Yep!  All alone...nobody here to talk to...nobody.  Speaking of The Mrs. buying that new faucet a long time ago, I think I'll call and see how she and #4 son are doing up there in Arkansas before I tackle the hall bathroom. 

I'll type at y'all later.


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