Monday, April 25, 2011

It just...


Okay, so I had told y'all that I had lunch today at The Coathouse with my buddy, Jim.  So, I get this computer letter from him this afternoon.  I won't mention names, but two VERY CONCERNED local citizens had also been up at The Coathouse earlier in the day doing some research on a horrific murder what took place about four blocks from Andy's Place.  Anyway, he mentioned that he was gonna eat lunch with me.

(Don't forget, the Bossier Parish Coathouse grill gots excellent french fries).

Anyway, he forgot to tell me this while we were eating very excellent french fries: 

I forgot to tell you that when (names redacted) were up there, I mentioned you were coming up.  I said 'you know Andy, the blogger'.  (Name redacted)  said, 'sure, the one with the pink bedroom!'


Funny, Jim!  Reeeeeeel funny!  I reckon I shall NEVER live that one down...

As a side note, I'll tell y'all that I like that little dark mauve rabbit. He's got staying power.


  1. Did you rationally explain to him that your bedroom isn't pink, but salmon?

  2. I see a layout in Better Homes & Gardens or Southern Living comin' soon...

  3. Well Buck, you know...word gets around FAST down here, so anything is possible.


    Mayor, it is NOT "salmon." It might be dark mauve, or just plain old homo pink...but it is not "salmon."

    "Salmon" was the color of my Grandmother's living room. I know that because it is seared in my brain. Every time I went to visit her the last 10 years of her life she would ask me if I liked the new "Salmon" color she had painted the living room with. (She had painted it "salmon" when I was about twelve, but it was "new" to her. And, I hated it.

    I hated it, but always told her that I just loved it. It's amazing the lies we can tell to our Grandmas...and yet they believe.

    So, it ain't "Salmon," Mitch. It's dark mauve. Or homo pink. Period.

  4. You are soooooo famous! I'll look forward to the spread in SL -- I have a subscription!


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