Monday, April 25, 2011

Okay, y'all don't have to call me "Double Nickel" anymore...


Nope!  I called the 965 number, and it seems that I've been "released" from The Jury Duty.

Dangit, I don't know why I fretted so much behind this deal!!!  It was really kinda' fun.  I learned a bunch of junk, and ran in to some people I hadn't seen in a while (one of which I had not seen since I was in Junior High, and he remembered me, and I remembered him, and we had a good time visiting and catching up...).

And, I got to eat some bitchin' French Fries at the Bossier Parish Coathouse grill with a good buddy.

And, according to the recorded message that I heard when I called the 965 number, my "check" will be sent within a couple of weeks, too.  According to the Clerk of Court computer page, "Petit Jurors" get $25 per day, plus 16 cents per mile from where they live.  (Not sure if that's one-way, or round trip...but it all adds up, and I'll take it).  

I'm trying to figure out what to do with that big check when it comes.  Maybe I'll buy The Mrs. something special.  Or, maybe get roughly seven gallons of gas.  Not sure just yet...

The good thing is that I've got a while to study on it.

Just figured I'd let y'all know that this is all done with now, and y'all can stop worrying about it.  

Don't bother to thank me.


  1. Andy, it really was good to see you and break bread - well, taters - together. I really was going to buy it, you saw me patting my pockets when that $20 came out of your wallet. . . .

  2. Nyuk! It was good to see you too, Jimbo. I saw all that cash you had, so you can't fool me.

    The best thing about the whole fried tater-eatin' deal is that it was Pam's money! Bwahahahahahahaha!

    (I told her I used it for gas money, so don't let on any different).

  3. Hey, how are those fries at the Courthouse Grill? Rumor has it they're pretty good...

  4. I had jury duty last spring. I all but jumped up and down shoutingm "Picke me!" But they were not having it.

  5. Andy, all you needed to do to get out of jury duty was to show the judge your pretty feet. He would've sent you on your merry way.

  6. Dan, I wore sandals. Didn't seem to matter.

  7. Sounds like a good time was had by all and you got paid for it too. Angola is full anyway!!

  8. Better to be called Double Nickel than Plugged Nickel.

  9. Dang! You rich Parishes in the northern part of the state are rollin' in the dough! Down here in Orleans Parish, we got $12/ day and no mileage. That barely covered parking, much less any fancy fried potatoes at a non-existent Courthouse Grill!

  10. Hope y'all dodge the bad weather tonight. It's pretty bad in Arkansas after last night. Hunker down!

  11. Mmmmhmmmm, french fried taters...

    Sorry. Couldn't resist.


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