Tuesday, April 12, 2011

'Net was down at Andy's Place.


Nothing profound here.  Just wanted to write something.

So, yesterday my fabulous Suddenlink cable internet service went down.  Now, I've been a Suddenlink customer since 1996, and have had my internet service with them since 2006...and have NEVER needed to contact Customer Service about anything.  So, I was wondering just how this was gonna' go.  A quick call to customer service, and me and the old boy determined that the problem was indeed my cable modem.

Quick trip to the Suddenlink office for a replacement.  ✓

Get home, hook 'er up. Open up Firefox, and I'm redirected to Suddenlink's page saying that I am restricted to this page only. After filling out 17 blocks of information, I receive a message, "We're sorry, your request could not be filled. Please call 1-877-somethinoranother, and refer to a "Code 5."  Now this sounds serious.

So, I call customer service again, get a very nice young lady on the phone, and spend about 30 minutes with her, and she determines that a service call by a technician will be required.  I kept telling her the whole time that all the lights on my modem were operational, and I could access the internet, so I didn't really think a technician would be necessary, but they just probably needed to do something so that my new modem would be recognized, or something.

But did she listen to me?  No...

So, I'm resolved now to wait until God knows when for a technician to get to me.  Sucks!

So, after the appointment is set up, I thank the young lady, hang up, and immediately call back.  This time I get a guy, and in shorthand explain to him that I've got a new modem, and I think it needs to be activated.  About 12 seconds later, it was done...and so I asked the dude to cancel the service call.

So, in this brief episode, I came in contact with 4 employees of Suddenlink...the original very competent support guy, the VERY nice and knowledgeable lady at the Suddenlink office...the idiot gal who obviously just started...and the very competent dude that got me going.

In this day and age, when it comes to customer service, 3 out of 4 ain't bad.


  1. This is just bizarre. Whoever heard of having a cable internet problem in this day and age? You weirdo.

  2. Oh I remember Paul all right, he used to have an internet website when he was a connected type...

  3. You think that's bad, try dealing with AT&T on a modem problem. First of all the call goes off shore somewhere, and the person can barely speak english. Last time I talked to six people until I got an elephant jockey who knew his stuff. Sad, huh!

  4. Pffft. I used to live in a town where, if the wind blew, the TV and the internet all went out. And you know how often the wind blows around here.

    Meanie, I've been missin' ya. When will you have one of those computin' machines again?

  5. Glad you're up and running with just a trifle of blood pressure elevation. (Pssst --if Paul's any example, maybe you shouldn't even attempt wi-Fi until you get knowledgeable guy's personal cell phone number.)

    Hope all goes well for the loved one.

  6. Moogie, I HAVE THAT KNOWLEDGEABLE GUY'S PHONE NUMBER! And, I'll tell ya' fa' reals that he talks like a dang HICK!

    And, thanks for the kind wishes. She's fine. Got a first report tonight. She's not disappointed.

    Scooney, AT&T sucks.

    I really have nothing but praise for Suddenlink communications. You speak to a 'Murican, who talks southern...the call center is in Tyler, TX, I think. Dang good people. I'm pretty sure that the gal that didn't know jack is new...worked at a call center myself once, so I have extra grace for newbies.

    Marc...I think Two Dogs is actually posting again. Occasionally.

  7. There is something to be said for good service. I had some bad service yesterday at the printers and ranted all day.

  8. One bennie of Small Town Livin': I'm on a first name basis with the techies at my ISP. I can walk right into their shop and BS with 'em (just to say "hi") and often do when I'm down that way to pay my bill. The service is first rate!

  9. Hi - My name is Tina and I am with Suddenlink. I'm sorry for all the trouble to get back online, but am very glad you are up and running again. If you have any problems in the future, please feel free to contact me at tina-AT-suddenlink-DOT-com. Thanks!!

  10. Hi, my name is Jervious and I am with Continuallink Internet Services. If having intermittent internet services is getting you down, maybe you need to ditch a service that offers "SUDDEN" service and go with one that offers "CONTINUAL" service.

    Define sudden: happening without warning or in a short space of time

    Just saying...


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