Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Iris that we do not know the name of...


Hey y'all!

Yesterday about noon, The Mrs. came running in the house and said, "Andy, I need the camera!!!  These new Iris bulbs I planted last year are blooming, and I've got to get a picture of them." 

So, since this is Springtime at Andy's Place, and we ALWAYS post online images of What's Growing At Andy's Place, I was all in for picture taking.  (Actually, I took two shots of it, and The Mrs. took one.  Hers was the best, so I'm showing y'all that one).

This is it.  (Do yourself a favor and click on it for the big picture.  Then click on it again to get stunned!)

Goodness gracious, isn't that thing just amazing?  I mean, it's like a Purple Iris with a yellow top!  I've never seen one like this.  

So, I asked The Mrs. what the name of it is, and she said, "I can't remember.  I just ordered it from Brecks in a 6-pack last year, and I really didn't think they would bloom this year."   As a side note, I thought Brecks was hairspray or something, but evidently they sell bulbs, too.

God, I love her! Even when she can't remember the names of plants and junk, she still made the right choice to start out with.

And, even better, they'll come back next Spring...stronger...more beautiful...and having multiplied.  That's the way bulbs do.


  1. I saved this pic - might be paintable.

  2. That truely is a thing of beauty. Mrs. Andy done good. Hope you find out what it's called and that it's hardy enough to survive the Great White North, I gotta get me some of those!

  3. I did what you said, clicked twice, and I was stunned. Beautiful and unusual flower.

  4. I, too, was stunned! (Don't TASE me, Bro! Owww!)

    Nice pic and a beautiful flower, no doubt.

  5. Beautiful bloom. Must have been developed by the horticulture department at LSU.

  6. I think it is called the LSU Tiger Lily :)

  7. I meant LSU Tiger Iris.....I'm going back to bed! Ugh!

  8. Glad y'all enjoyed it. The dang thing is just spectacular to look at!

    Greg, thanks for stopping by, and that is an excellent observation. Can't believe I didn't catch that myself. Well, I CAN believe it. I'm slow these days.

    Jill, I know you understand...

  9. Absolutely gorgeous! Does it smell as pretty as it looks?


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