Thursday, April 21, 2011

Paying off a debt...well, "virtually" paying it off (with a little help from my friends).


Okay, so the other day, Moogie sent me that great "Boudreaux" joke in a computer letter, and I had to post it just as quick as I could.  Seems that she posted it on her FABULOUS blog at roughly the same time.

So, she threw me the "Jinx, you owe me a Coke" deal.  Turns out she really wanted a Dr. Pepper.  So, I went cruising around the net for a Dr. Pepper to deliver to her.  So, here's your Dr. Pepper!

But, what was kinda funny is that I was trying to find an image of somebody choking on a Dr. Pepper, because Dr. Pepper sucks, and I'm pretty sure it's killed several hundred thousand people, due to the fact that it sucks.

So, I was looking for articles about people choking on a Dr. Pepper (because I'm sure there have been many multiple thousands...maybe billions of people asphyxiate just from the smell, and from their stomach rejecting it, and throwing it down their windpipe.

Well, wonderment of all wonders...I did me a GoobleSearch, and lookit!  One of our first blog buddies comes up big in the search for the facts on the killer Dr. Pepper!  (As big as the internet is, it's amazing what a small, small world it is sometimes).

So, Moogie, be careful with that virtual "dishpan water."  It almost kilt our good buddy, Basil.

Okay, now we're even.  And, if you die, don't blame me... 


  1. 1. You're absolutely right, Dr. Pepper is nasty stuff. Of course, I drink caffeine-free diet coke which isn't exactly most folks' favorite.
    2. Choking on Pussy - I choked on that! One of the most brilliant titles I've seen in a while!

  2. Thanks for paying up, and thanks for the well-wishes, I think. But, it is clearly apparent that you are indeed trying to choke me. CHERRY Dr. Pepper?!?! Are you insane, man?!?!

    I'll forgive you. This time. But I don't think I can swallow that swill.

    That is a good picture of me, though, isn't it? ;)

  3. Jim, I knew there was something I liked about you...I mean, hating Dr. Pepper. Dude! You really drink caffeine free Diet Coke? Really?

    Moogie, I apologize for the "cherry" deal. I actually didn't even realize it, but I figure it's Dr. Pepper, so it sucks regardless of flavor, or how it's sweetened.

    And, I actually thought the SAME thing...this chick looks like Moogie, too! I know you're a fan of another "Pepper," but I think he ain't no doctor, nor an Indian chief.

  4. Dr. Pepper is VERY close to bein' the Elixir o' Life™... it's my second favorite (cold) beverage. Moogie has excellent taste, yanno? You, Sir, OTOH...


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