Thursday, April 21, 2011

So, I had to get my third Hepatitis-B shot yesterday...

Hey y'all!  Can y'all believe it's already been 6 months since I started this job which they required suggested that I get vaccinated for Hepatitis-B?  Wow!  Time really flies, when you're doing something you LOVE, and were most likely born to do.

So, my 3rd (and final) in the series was due, and I left home early yesterday to stop by the clinic, and take care of it.  I didn't have to wait long, and they called me back, and I sat down in a chair.  The nurse rolled up my sleeve...

Nurse:  Wow, look at that skinny arm!

Me:  (Flexing my bicep) Yeah, but look at that huge bicep!

Nurse:  Ummm...yeah, look at that...

Me:  Do you talk to all your patients like this?

Nurse:  No, just the ones with really skinny arms.  The only reason I mentioned it is because this shot has a tendency to really hurt people with no fat on their arms.  Like you.

Me:  (Chuckling)  Well darlin', don't you worry about it.  Hypodermic injections do not hurt me.

Nurse:  (Injecting me)  Okay...

Me:  (As she's putting a band-aid on my shoulder)  I'm just curious...(now I'm flashing a toothy grin) Do you always put a band-aid on BEFORE you give the shot?

Nurse:  (Grinning) HA!  You're done.  Have a nice day, Mr. Reeves.

Me:  Thanks, you too.  Hey, which way is the bathroom?

Nurse:  What?  You gonna be sick?

Me:  Nyuk!  Good one...


  1. That was good. I will have to blog about the time the kids and I had to have a TB test. It didn't go nearly as well as your shot did.

  2. Heh. No nurse has ever commented on my skinny arms, even though they have AMPLE reason to do so.

    Wait. That doesn't look right. Oh, well... it's still early.

  3. You really are such a flirt Andy.

  4. Hep B? Is Pamela Anderson a patient at yer hospital, or something?

  5. I had to get some shots back in January. The first 2 felt like one was a square needle and the other had liquid fire. I waited til i got to the car before rubbing them. Well I felt better, but I relapsed a few weeks later. This time it was only one shot. It was a square needle with molten lava in it. Since the young girl went to school with my kids, I had to joke through it. I hope I don't have to have that again.


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