Sunday, May 29, 2011

Alaska! Nyuk...


Okay, so I can't say WAY too much about this because it happened at work.  But, there is a fellow where I work (can't say what he does there...but I'll say that he's really hard working, faithful, suited to his job, and that he moved here from Arkansas a while back) that stopped me this morning while I was at work. 

The conversation went like this:

Him:  Hey Andy, have you ever looked at "Alaska State Troopers" on TV?

Me:  No, I don't guess I have, (name redacted).

Him:  Well, I was lookin' at it, and you ought to.  It's real good.  I was lookin' at it, and there was these people that had killed a moose!  I mean, had killed 'em when they shouldn't ought to.  And, all their stories didn't match up.  I mean, it went from shootin' it with a BB gun in the butt, to shootin' it because it was runnin' around the cabin, to a bunch of other things.

Me:  (Eyes glazed over)  Really (name redacted), well...sounds interesting, I might just watch it.

Him:  What happened was that ever'body got different stories to the Judge, and he ended up givin' the perfertrator TWO YEARS IN JAIL, AND A TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLAR FINE!!!

Me:  Yeah, I know they take poaching pretty serious in Alaska....and they do here, too.

Him:  No kiddin'!  I mean, I thought them laws was tough in the Nunited States.  It's even worse in Alaska, I reckon!


  1. I guess every state has a few - stupidos - not moose.

  2. Say hi to my cousin that works with you. And remind him that you're not even s'posed to look a moose in the eye over here in TN. They say killin' one would lead to the state firin' up "Old Sparky" again. I'm hungry right now for a moose steak, but I'm too skeered to try it.

  3. Don't tell me -- he's a Democrat, right?

    Notice I'm not taking the bait about the "from Arkansas" thing. ;)

  4. Lou, I don't think we gots moose in Louisiana, either. Maybe we do, but imma not kill one with a BB gun, for sure.

    Dan, Cousin (name redacted) says "HIDEY!" back at you. He really wants you to come visit when you rake up bus fare.

    Moogie, you are a real kill-joy. It ain't NO FUN fishin' when the bream don't bite. Just sayin'...


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