Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hey, y'all know that guy from Louisiana that REALLY, REALLY, REALLY likes the "Fair Tax," and thinks the IRS REALLY, REALLY, REALLY SUCKS!?????


Well, I found him on Friday!

Not much doubt where the old boy stands on things, huh?

(And, he's got a Jap pickup, too)...


  1. A Finnish fair-taxer in Louisiana! (re: flag on back window) Andy, what will you find next?

  2. Moogie, unfortunately that late is already taken. UNFORTUNATELY. Wish I'd thought about that. But, folks from Finland are obviously smarter than me.


    Dadman, thanks for pointing that out. I know you've got history with the Great State of Finland. I'm wondering if it's some of your kin that REALLY, REALLY HATES THE IRS, and still resides in NW Louisiana, and drives a Jap pickup.

    Ask around.

    As far as what I'll come up with just keeps throwing oddness at me. This "NO IRS" truck is one of the tamest of them all...

    Long stories...

  3. CRUD! It's supposed to say "plate," not "late."


  4. That truck's about as Jap as my Nissan Titan. The Tundra is made in Texas.

    But whatever the case, I like his spirit.


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