Friday, May 27, 2011

The Gooble loves me again...


It's been a long time since I reminded y'all that The Gooble loves me.  And, that I own The Gooble.


Andy's Place turns up #7 on a The Gooble Search for the big Presidential news event of the day.  (And in there with the big boys, too).  Visitors are pouring in.  It's humbling, really.

Click on it, and see for yourself.  In there with the big boys.

Now I wish I'd have posted something funny...


  1. Can I touch your hem, O Greatness???

  2. Don't fall for the "kiss his ring" line, Deb. Just DON'T.

  3. Is kinda like the old one of 'Pull my finger?'

  4. Sorta. But... TMI, PG ratings, and all that. ;-)

  5. Buck. I will have you remember that Andy's place is a famly show!

  6. Jeepers, I go to work for 9 hours, and y'all get to have fun...


    Deb, you may touch it, but please do not wrinkle it.

    Mayor, I started to use that exact "O'bamski" deal myself in the post that has once again made The Gooble love me. I swear, I'll bet the guy can rake up kin with folks on dang near every nation on the planet. After all, he's angling to be king of the world.

    Buck, I'm a little disappointed. The very fact that you would think that I'd use a "line" really hurts. Really. Really hurts. I'm wounded. Really wounded. I think I'll go drown my sorrows in a hot bath, and half a gallon. Of ice cream.

  7. You must know how to play the slots as well. 'Timing'. It's all about 'timing'...and having the right post title ;-)

    Have a great Memorial Day weekend.

  8. Everybody's already had all the fun here, but I must report to you Andy, your Google Holiness and my Google mentor, that I have used one of your main methods to achieve blogging success. I put Lady Gaga in the title of one of my posts last week and within one day it became second on my all time most visited list. My top post of all time was about toilet paper and had 6 hits; the Lady G post had 5.

  9. Red, I like to think that you are totally right, and completely wrong. Timing is everything, and a good post title doesn't hurt.

    But the truth is that I OWN THE GOOBLE, and control it at will.

    Dan, I saw the Lady Gaggit deal, and assumed you were trolling for retards. I am so glad you were not disappointed. Nyuk...


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