Thursday, May 12, 2011

Do somebody know what this say? (UPDATED)


(Update)  Naw...I just thought it was Jordanian flag stickers.  But, I looked at it closer, and the Jordan flag has a little star in the red triangle.  Nope, it seems that these stickers are the flag of "The Arab Revolt."  I think.

I seen what looks like a splodeylac at the Bossier City Post Office this morning.  I'm thinkin' that it might say, "Just Married," or something.

If anybody knows how to read Jordanian (I'm pretty sure those are Jordan flags), please interpret.  

Gotta love the license plate, too.  POP!


  1. I think those two big things on either side say "Allah". I don't know why one of them is slightly different from the other, though.

  2. Yep! I guess they use that Arab Revolt deal, too.

    You just don't normally see that kind of stuff 'round these parts.

  3. It say 'Don't check this vehicle too closely if left parked somewhere, Infidel...'


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