Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I probably should stop looking at blog stats...


So, I haven't checked my Sitemeter in weeks.  But I decided I would look at the GoobleSearch search word referrals just for kicks.

   (Click to get the big picture)

 And I was having a good evening, too.



  1. Cheer up Andy. I'm sure this time that Google is using the old meaning of the word "gay" as happy. So these searchers were just looking for Happy Andy's place. And they found it!

  2. Male stripper, stripper man and Marie Shrivers's house, find it all along with Gay Andy at Andy's Place!
    (As to the Gay Andy thing, they probably heard about your bedroom wall color.)

  3. Dan: Yeah, that's probably it!

    Jim: Yeah, that's probably it!

  4. The Better Homes & Gardens spread must be out.

  5. Andy - the whole way down the page is filled with Barry Obama "Aussie cheerleader" and "Stripper man", etc.

    When did this place get all political?

  6. Nyuk! Once again, you missed some fabrulous commentories on my dark mauve bedroom, and such.

    I'm pretty sure The Globber shut down because they were jealous of all the hilarity of the whole thing.


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