Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Did Leon Panetta & my man Hillary make the call?


This story is several days old, so you've probably read it, or something similar by now.  There is much speculation that ObozO was taken off guard by the SEAL raid that killed Osama.

I'm not sure if this article is accurate.  But, it's food for thought.  And, given the fact that ObozO truly is a feckless, simpering moronic wuss, it likely is.

I just figured I'd pass along the link.

Thanks, PeaGreen!


  1. I read this (and a lot o' linkage to it) a few days ago, too. I thought about linking/discussing but it was (a) of dubious source (as Insty sez) and (b) too damned much work. But there IS a certain "ring o' truth" here, isn't there?

  2. Haha, love 'my man Hillary'. Yep, kind of a dubious source, looks like the only thing that particular writer does is bash Obama (*cough birther*). I don't have so much problem with bashing Obama, but if that is all that one bashes I sort of have doubts.

  3. I've actually seen this from another, pretty reliable source. Plus, this just smells so very right. I was having some no small amount of doubt about Panetta at Defense, but if this has any kernel of truth to it, I'll be a happier girl.

  4. As to the source being dubious...well, I had my doubts. But, since it wasn't from the New York Times, or WaPo, I figured there was a good chance it was reliable.

    That being said, what Buck mentioned "the ring of truth" is what went off in my bell tower, too. It indeed smells right. I've always thought that Panetta was not a really bad guy, and no idiot. Like ObozO.

    Jim, (*cough birther*) hurts my feelings. As you know that I am a tender sort, and you made me cry.

    I don't have a problem with anybody that wants to bash Obama. The goon deserves all of it he can get. And, I'm not sure that this writer ONLY bashes Obama. I'm not familiar enough with his stuff to know.

    Regardless, the truth will probably not come out any quicker than Obama's fake birth certificate did. :)

  5. I had read the article too, a few days ago. Heck, I think its true.

  6. I do not believe that the military would go into a country unknown without the President approving the raid. I think the buffoon was dragged kicking and ok'ed the mission. He has to be the worst President that the people of this country ever elected.

  7. Andy, I would bite my bottom lip off before I would hurt your feelings. Bless your heart.

  8. Jim, you're gonna look funny without a bottom lip. I'm sure I won't be able to get that picture out of my mind for several days.

    Kartman, you are probably right. I am pretty sure that the retard in chief did okay it. But, if the narrative is even somewhat true, I imagine that he hoped it would take months to put it together (and in the meantime try to figure a way NOT to do it). As far as ObozO being the worst ever. Yep! Hands down. I never really thought I'd see one worse than Jimmuh...even Bubba had his good days. This guy is an international joke (and, I'm pretty sure a "joke" within his inner circle...like, "let's keep the retard out of the room as much as possible").


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