Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The flip side...


Yesterday I linked to a piece on Breitbart's "Big Peace," about a local controversy over a banner being displayed in a neighborhood that does not allow such displays under its covenants.  (It's on down the page there, if you missed it).

I thought it would be fitting to post a comment seen on another local blog, in the interest of fairness.  I did not edit this comment, just CTRL+C & V.

I moved into this community because of these rules. I like the fact that I will not know my neighbors’ election preferences, children’s after school activities, or the families’ favorite football team, etc indicated by yard signs. I also like our rule that you cannot have an old clunker, a boat, or sporting type vehicle parked visibly over night. I moved specifically into The Gardens for these reasons. I would assume the majority of my neighbors did as well. Changing our rules is not the solution. The Burrs and anyone else need to follow the rules. KTBS exaggerated a bit much to the story by saying that the Burrs were singled out by the HOA, they or the street leader ask everyone. The Burr’s are making themselves into this big deal by contacting this and that person to “fight” the HOA. If you drive through our community you will see very few people with signs. And funny thing, most signs are on the Burrs’ street. I guess they are the rebel rousers. This is the footage that KTBS filmed; they didn’t have to go far.
I would like to add that because our community is just south of the base we have 65%-75% military that live in The Gardens.

I noted on another local blog that one thing that may be getting lost in this story is that there is a young Marine that may never return home. We pray to God not, but it's a dangerous business.

I would surely hope that he knows how proud his family is of him, and of his service to our nation...even without a banner in the yard stating it.  I'm sure he does.

Dunno.  Maybe the Burr family is making itself the "story."  I don't know them, or the entire situation well enough to make that call.  I just felt like presenting the flip side.


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