Thursday, May 5, 2011

May 5, (Cinco de Mayo) trivia...


1980 U.S. Department of Education

1968 McDo   1968 McDonald's Big Mac

(The Mrs. just changed a diaper full of special sauce whipped up by great nephew).

1961 First American in space and the Creation of "A-OK"

(The space program invented microwave ovens, too).

1925 Monkey Trial

1904 First perfect major-league baseball game


  1. (The Mrs. just changed a diaper full of special sauce whipped up by great nephew).
    Thanks for that Andy. Just made my morning.

  2. The Alan Shepherd reference fired up a brain cell - I was in the 9th grade, remember a group of us standing outside the school with our tranistor radios tuned in listening to that.
    Think I'll make a run down to Mickey D's, you made me hungry for a Big Mac . . .

  3. I could probably live without the Dept. of Ed. and the diaper full of special sauce - I guess both were full of crap.

  4. *transistor - I don't claim to have any cognizant brain cells functioning presently.

  5. The Scopes thingy is kinda a hobby of mine. Evolution was NEVER taught by John Scopes. He was a substitute teacher that brought a book with him to class for ONE day. Darrow and Bryan set the whole thing up to bring attention to a dying town, Dayton, Tennessee. Plus, to reignite their dying careers.

    It didn't work either, well, unless by "work," you mean teaching pseudo-science from that point forward in public school.

  6. Ah, the other DoE. BOTH of which are world-class money holes. Thanks, Jimmah!

  7. It's also worth noting that the Dept of Education was an offshoot of the old Dept of Heatlh, Education and Welfare which was established in 1953. The two were split in 1980 to from HHS and Dept of Education.
    Federal meddling in education wasn't new in 1980, had been around since the Truman/Eisenhower days. Calvin Coolidge had actually proposed a Dept of Education in 1923.

  8. Wow! Y'all all knows lots about lots of stuff!!! I learn something new every day around here.

    One reason I voted for Reagan (besides the fact that Jimmuh was Obama, Sr.) was that he was gonna junk the DOE. Sigh...

    I'm really hoping maybe on Tammy's 70th birthday she'll release some new stuff.

  9. I had tickets for Tammy's birthday bash, but she was a no-show. Again.

    Some people let stardom go to their heads.


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