Friday, May 6, 2011

That was sweet!


#2 son is a fine young man.  Really, he is.  Of all our sons, he was the easiest baby, and he's the one with the most "interesting" outlook on life.  At 28, he's just as lovable as ever...and as joined at the hip to his Mom as the other three are.

I swear, those boys would crawl through a 2" sewer pipe for their Mom.  For their Dad?  Well...

Anyway, on Wednesday #2 son calls The Mrs. -

#2 son:  Hi Mom!  Ummm...are you going to be busy tomorrow?

The Mrs.:  Well, your Dad and I are probably going to do some work in the morning, and then he goes to work in the afternoon.  What's up?

#2 son:  Well, I heard that tomorrow is Mother's Day, and I wondered if you wanted to hang out and maybe go eat something.

The Mrs.:  (trying not to giggle)  Ummm...that's sweet, but you know they usually have Mother's Day on a Sunday.  

#2 son:  HA!  Oh yeah, that does happen on a Sunday usually.  Boy, do I feel silly.  Well, I've got to work on Sunday, so do you want to hang out tomorrow instead?

The Mrs.:  You bet!

So, they hung out yesterday.  #2 son told me that he knew "something" was on May 5, and he realized later it was Cinco de Mayo.  

So they went to Pepe's, and ate wetback food.  They said they were celebrating "Cinco de Mother's Day."

The Mrs. had a good day...


  1. ..."Cinco de Mother's Day."

    Heh. I KNOW there's a joke in there, somewhere.

  2. That's very sweet. I thought it might be like this phone conversation between a cousin and his parents:

    Cousin: Cindy and I are getting married.
    Parents: that is great. We really like Cindy. Have you set a date?
    Cousin: Well, I need to tell you that Cindy is pregnant.
    Parents: That happens and we love you guys. When is the baby due.
    Cousin: Well, we are at the hospital right now...

  3. My oldest son called today to wish me Happy Mother's Day...I politely thanked him and giggled telling him it was on Sunday...He said the radio had been squawking all day about Mother's Day so he thought it was today. Sooooo Sweet! :)

  4. Buck, there definitely is one in there. It was one of those "you had to be there" things.

    Lou, Nyuk!

    Jill, you and Pam definitely live on the same plane of existence.


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