Friday, May 20, 2011

The worldwide computer is a weird place to hang out...


Okay, so it's been a few days since I looked at The Sitemeter.  But I did today, and it seems that The Gooble sent a visitor to this Titanic with some strange "search term" that has got me scratching my head (which now has hair since The Mrs. made me grow it back...and I look goooooooooood with it, too...just sayin').

If you click on it, you will note that it seems that some dude/dudette/whatever is really concerned that I do not go back to the good old days of low maintenance hair, which I truly enjoyed.  They must be in cahoots with The Mrs...somehow.

What's even stranger is that this visitor is from Columbus, stinkin' Ohio!  Which is where #2 son lived for many years, and is the home of the putrid Buckeyes...and Corch Sweatervest.


(Click on it, and see)

This is really weird.  The ISP (Internet Service Provider for those of y'all that don't know worldwide computer lingo) is some organization known as the Metropolitan Educational Council.

It really puzzles me.  Why would somebody using a computer there at the Metropolitan Educational Council be trying to send me a subliminal message through The Sitemeter to keep my hair, and not go back to skinning with my #1 clipper?  

It's really kind of spooky.  And, it's really a waste of time.  I look so dang good with my hair grown back, I doubt I'll ever skin my head back down again.

Just sayin'...


  1. Maybe some "before and after" pics so we can offer a more educated opinion. 'Cuz we're really opinionated about this kinda stuff.

  2. Of all the bureaucrats in all the gin joint towns in all the NEA states in the whole big US gubmint, education bureaucrats are the absolute worst, slimiest of all of 'em. Besides sittin' around figuring out how they can scare little Johnny and Jill into the global warming camp or making them march to the diversity and relative morals drummers, they got plenty of time to sit around on the taxpayer dime and try to get you to grow hair. If your site is truly what they were looking for--my guess is they were really looking for some hirsute pron and got you by accident.

    (Getting down off my soapbox now) I'm glad you got your hair back and I'll bet it looks real purty. I only wish I could get mine back, but it's too far gone.

  3. Googlers are THE "most interesting men in the world," not that asshat who drinks Dos Equis. Just sayin'.

  4. Also, #86 came from Mitchieville.

    My eyes are welling up so bad I can hardly see!


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