Monday, June 6, 2011

Love Song Saturday Night


Okay, I know it's not Saturday night.  

So, sue me.

I've been occupied the last several Saturday nights with matters...matters of the heart mostly.  (Not Andy's old wretched heart, but the hearts of folks that Andy loves, and cares about).  So, "Love Song Saturday Night" has been snubbed by your arrogant humble editor. 

Sorry.  I'll make it up at ya' right now!

It's hard to say that any song is "perfect."  I mean, nobody's perfect, and nothing's perfect, and we all know that.  But, this one comes pretty damn close.

Perfectly written!   

Just the right mix of poetry and prose...of forthrightness and mystery...of the romantic, yet concrete images folks can relate to.  (I once forgot the eye color of the love of my life.  I caught hell for it, too.  It's a looooong story, but hers are green.  Trust me, they're green!)

Perfectly orchestrated!   

Just listen at it, and if you disagree, can bite me.

Perfectly delivered!  

A million brazillion people can't be wrong.  (And, neither am I.)

I'll tell y'all, this is one talented little homo!  I got a feeling that he's going places.

Bitchin' jacket, too!  (I think I'd look good in one myself, but this is not about me...)


  1. Great song, that was his first big hit. Elton is one of the best ever.

  2. One of the bestest songs ever!

  3. Jim, it goes without saying.

    Basil, it goes without saying.

    But, thanks to both of y'all for saying it.

    Jeepers! When you dissect that song it has so many layers of familiarity, and so many layers of mystery...

    Heck, on the "sculptor," or the man that makes "potions,"...heck...

    Don McClean ain't got nothing on Elton & Bernie when it comes to mental mischief.

    Legend has it that it was wrote out on a napkin at breakfast one morning. Kinda like Reaganomics did. Don't know if it's true or not on either count.

    But, I love a good legend. And...well...never mind.

  4. I'm not a Sir Elton fan, but I DO like his first album, which was FULL of great songs... this bein' but one.

    "Affairs of the Heart." Heh. I remember those. Vaguely.

  5. One of Sir Elton's better ones. My personal faves of his are "Rocket Man", "Someone Saved My Life Tonight", and "Philadelphia Freedom".

    But if I were to pick one artist that never failed to pick me up, it would have to be Steely Dan. Just sayin'.


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