Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Thrill Of Victory.


Okay, I almost never look at almost 7 minute videos. I'm glad I looked at this one.

A montage of the last century of sports. Go it.

You'll be glad you did.

I recognized all but three little shots.

I'm getting old...

(As a side note, I'll never get tired of the Kirk Gibson tater trot).

Absconded away from Theo.  Again.


  1. Great video. I remember a lot of these including Alan Amechee falling into the end zone in the first sudden death overtime game. I think that was the 1958 nfl championship game.

  2. Oh, I could start a whole blog with nothing but great sports moments.

    I remember nearly getting strangled with a bear-crushing hug from my best friend's gleeful girlfriend when Kirk Gibson hit that home run. As well as Doug Flutie's Hail Mary. And Dwight Clark's catch that started the 49ers on their two-decade dynasty (and Dallas' Drew Pearson nearly escaping for a touchdown on the following series, thus almost rewriting NFL history).

    And speaking of Dallas, I also found on Youtube the most agonizing football game that a twelve-year old (at the time) ever had to experience: the 1980 Atlanta-Dallas playoff game that the Falcons lost in the last four minutes due to Drew Pearson heroics. The season that the Falcons looked like they were about to start a dynasty of their own, but instead slipped into obscurity for another twenty years following this heartbreaker. Like poking a raw wound watching, but found myself analyzing the game (thirty years after the fact) to figure out just how Atlanta lost.

  3. Oh, and nice soundtrack too. Too bad that it'll likely get muted by Youtube within a week because some busybody will complain about copyright infringement.

  4. Nice. I'm pleased to see The Toughest, Fastest, and Bestest™ Sport On Earth got a lot of coverage, including My HERO at 1:41. I almost wound up on the floor when Stevie Y scored that goal...

    You're a better fan than I, Andy. I got all the on-ice moments and nearly none of the others (read as The Bling Leagues), with the exception of the college ball stuff.

  5. Lots of memories, but mostly watching this makes me think about the moments that aren't in the video. I think I only saw one Cowboys highlight, and at least three 49ers, and putting the Super Bowl Shuffle up and no Emmett Smith rumbling for a touchdown after catching a screen pass with a dislocated shoulder?


    Still great video. Needed a few monster trucks though.

  6. And the heroics of Secretariat seem to be lacking...

  7. Isn't that Secretariat at the 5:10 mark?

    Maybe it's Man'o'War.


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