Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sadie has a guest.


Hey y'all! #1 son made it in from Omaha at roughly 1245 HRS yesterday.  It's a long drive.  He looks good.  He looks happy.  He looks relieved.

And, he brought along a companion.  Meet "Houdini."

Houdini is not Dean's pet.  He's just been keeping care of Houdini for a buddy who is currently deployed to I-rack.  He couldn't find anybody to check on Houdini, so he loaded him up and brought him along.

He's a cute little rascal.  I don't know what breed he is.  His legs look like Basset, but I don't know about his face.  Maybe one of y'all can identify the mix.  If he's a mix.

Sadie seems to be tolerating Houdini well.  She's had visitors in the past, and is always a pretty good hostess.  I don't know if Houdini has been neutered, but Sadie has been sprayed, so I don't think I'll have to keep too close a watch on 'em.  I'm pretty sure their relationship will simply be Platonic.  

She's never had a white boyfriend, though, so it might take her some getting used to.

I just hope he's not aptly named, and is one of them break-out artists.  (We've had those around here before).  It'd be a dang shame for Dean to lose his buddy's dog while he's off serving our nation in war.


  1. Looks almost to be part Corgi. I hope that Sadie isn't prejudiced against him for bein' white!

  2. Not the ears, but the face looks yellow lab.

  3. Mongrels are the BEST dogs, and Houdini is a cutie!

    It's good to have SN1 home, innit? We be sharin' the same flavor o' joy right along witcha.

  4. They make a spray for that sort of thang?!

    My bet is that he is part terrier by the shape of his head and ears. The shortness could come from terrier, but more likely corgi dachshund. We had a little dog like that years ago; we called her Sunshine.

  5. Looks almost like a bassett-beagle mix.

  6. Glad you got SN1 home for awhile, Andy. AS for the dog, whatever he is, he's a cutie.

  7. There's definitely some corgi in there, and some kind of hound produced those ears. He looks like a sweetheart! Enjoy your visitors, Andy! I'm so happy that SN1 is there, intact and relieved!


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