Friday, July 22, 2011

Barack Obama is a petulant , pompous Jackass!!!


Haven't done any politics lately.  But...

I got off work tonight at 2225 HRS, and headed home.  The bottom of the hour news featured a sound clip of Obozo.  It went something like this...

"We are out of time.  I have told Congressman Boehner, Congresswoman Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Senator McConnell to be here at 11 am!"

It is not possible to convey the "tone" that our Pretender in Chief used to make good and damn sure that EVERYBODY KNOWS that he's gonna get this fixed.  Dammit.

But, I'll swear, it was the most immature, and foolish thing I've heard yet from the Chief Executive of the greatest nation on the planet.  It was one of those "ya' had to hear it yourself" deals.  He sounded just like some of the deranged druggies we have to deal with in the ER, who are so high on some chemical that they actually think they can direct affairs...and do not realize how pitiful and pathetic they are.  At the same time he sounded like a three-year-old who is pissed off at his Mom because she made him turn off CartoonNetwork before he wanted to.

Obama is like that.  My face turned red as I listened to that little POS speaking to the world in that childish tone...

The guy sucks.  And blows. 

I've never been so ashamed for our nation.  I almost cried.

Well, that's about all.  Y'all have a nice evening!


  1. The sad thing is that some people will vote for him again. Some work for a living, some vote for a living.

  2. Man, oh man, Andy. You nailed it. Pepper hasn't yelled at the tv like that in a long time. How many pressers has BO conducted this week? And he shows Increasing petulance each time. Gawd, we've got to get him out of office.

  3. I'm pretty sure you don't spend any time in the fever swamps that are the Lefty blogs. But I do, and I'm just LOVIN' the angst on display there. Some Lefties hate The One more than the most rabid right-winger. Well, mebbe that's a stretch, but they ARE mightily displeased. Good.

  4. That makes me a happy girl, Buck!

  5. "But, I'll swear, it was the most immature, and foolish thing I've heard yet from the Chief Executive of the greatest nation on the planet."

    And THAT bar was already pretty low, my friend.

    I watched the press conference and I was just speechless.

    Irony: Obama said at the end, "Sometimes if you want to be a leader then you need to LEAD!" and turned around and walked out the door.


  6. Glad I missed it. I refuse to listen to one word that come out of his mouth. He is, hands down, the worst President this country has had in my adult memory.

  7. and a piece of shit too.

  8. Thanks to y'all all for chiming in. I'll tell ya', we're screwed. And, if we don't dump this pos in '12, it's OVER! It may be over already...

  9. Those of us who can read, write and will vote for him.

  10. Anonymous (if that is your REAL name), go ahead on and do just that.

    Obviously you can read, write and will vote for him.

    I've heard tell of masochism

    ...just never found it appealing.

  11. I'm having a little trouble with Anon's syntax. Guess I cain't read right, so I suppose I'll vote for whoever ain't Obama. There's a lot of us pointy-headed folk out there -- more and more of us every day are forgetting how to read, write and will.


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