Saturday, July 9, 2011

Go with God!


At 0700 HRS tomorrow, #1 son boards a flight from Omaha to Meridian, MS.

 A few weeks there, and then off to I-rack.

Wish I could put my arm around him one more time before he goes.  Might happen.  We'll see.

Do good boy!  And, come home in one piece, would ya'?

Love, Dad


  1. Andy, you're a good man, and it shows in your sons.

  2. Thanks, Friend. "Good" is a stretch, I'm afraid...I'm not half the man they are in many ways.

    But, I appreciate the kind words, and your good wishes for my eldest.

  3. I'm thinking that a road trip to Miss'ip isn't out of the realm of possibilities!

    Please convey our gratitude to him -- and his family. He's going to do a lot of good.

    All things positive, Andy. All things positive!!!

  4. And, God's sitting in the pilot's seat -- remember that!

  5. After serving in the Military for 20 years, I asked my son if he was thinking about joining. He said, we as a family gave one lifetime to the Military, we really don't need two. Smart kid. I guess the geek Squad at best Buy will be his service to the nation. Don't forget to give your son a big old wet smack on the cheek for all of us old war horses tied to the htiching post and watching the young studs ride off to glory.

  6. Tell your son 'Thank you'...and that second picture is awesome!

    We are on the fourth generation of military service in my's scary, but scary proud.

  7. Godspeed to SN1, Andy.

    Apropos o' nuthin'... you look like Dubya in that pic. Srsly.

  8. Just passing through, but I thought Buck's comment was right on target, re the pic...and having done my 30 years in Air Force Blue I thought you son looked just fine. God's Speed to him.

    Regards  —  Cliff

  9. Moogie, Thank you, ma'am! "The 'Sip" ain't far off for sure. (Now that we gots highways snd junk). It's just the drasted old juggling act we call "time." He seems a lot less worried about seeing us again before he splits than we are.

    Go figure...

    MUD, I truly understand what you're saying. I'm glad your son and his Barb live the life they do. Really, I'm so dang happy that they are contented. Seems that your son got it out of his system. ACES UP!

    Mrs. Who, thank you so much. I shall pass on your love and good wishes. Trust me...I will.

    Thankee Buck! I have "one of those faces." Seriously, I've been stopped on the street, and told that I look like W these days. I like to think that he looks like me. But, I ain't gonna split hairs...and we are no relation as far as I know.

    Back when I was younger, I had dozens of folks stop me thinking I was Jimmy Connors. Really...Jimmy Connors.

    It's the big, broad nose. Plus, I had long dishwater hair, and a big broad nose like Jimmy. Heh I think I may have mentioned that already. Thanks for the good wishes for Dean

    C.R., God bless you for your service, and for the love.

  10. Thank you to your son for his service, Andy. And thank you to you for sharing him with our nation.

  11. I thank you for your son, also. The second photo is a good one. May all go well with your son - God grant him safety and protection.

  12. Dave, and Lou...many thanks, good friends! Your love and prayers are really appreciated.

  13. Andy, I've got several friends over there and in 'stan. I'll make sure that they keep an eye out for him! Folks from the base here are coming and going all the time so we'll put the word out with them as well.
    We'll keep him and you guys in our prayers. We got a "back door" for AF stuff, so holler if you need anything!

  14. Andy, Buck is right! You could make a fortune as "W's" stunt double!

  15. Thank you, Paul. I may ring your bell, my friend.

    It is greatly appreciated.

  16. Godspeed Will....And Thank You for your service! P.S. You get your good looks from your momma!:)

    It hits me right in the gut as my oldest son has been twice and leaves again the beginning of 2012. Hugs for you and Mrs. Andy.

  17. do NOT KNOW how right you are. Of all the boys, #1 son is the only one with his Mama's features.

    The rest of them are replicas of their Daddy's fambly...especially #3 son. Sigh.

    Thank you so much ma'am! I shall certainly pass along your best to the man.

    And, please know that your boy is in our heart, too. They gonne be a'ight! I just no it.

  18. Sending Prayers up for you and your son~ for him to stay safe. Give him a big THANK YOU from me.

  19. Stopsign, thankee very much! I have passed along all the prayers and support from many. Yours will be greatly appreciated by the man, I'm sure.

  20. What a fine looking young man...and your son looks good, too! My prayers for him.


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