Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day at Andy's Place


Had to pop in and wish y'all all a glorious Independence Day!

We fly the flag every day here at Andy's Place, and we are honored to do it.  I hope y'all do something fun today.  Gaining, and maintaining independence is messy & grueling, but the struggle ultimately results in "fun."  I'm headed to a fish fry at Mom & Dad's place.  And, it's white perch, too!

I came across this video a few days ago, so I'm not sure who to credit for pointing me to it.  I'd call this a fine effort.  Not all the voices are great...but then again, most of 'em don't get paid to sing.  These are some precious folks here.  God bless 'em one and all.


  1. Beautifull! I'll send people over to view it. Thank you!

  2. And a happy Fourth to you and yours, too.

  3. The National Anthem always gives me goose bumps but this version did a LOT more than that.

    Happy Fourth, Andy!

  4. Moogie, Bob, Dave, Buck...thankee!

    Marc, I truly appreciate that from my Calgarian brother.

    Truly, I do.

    I'm struggling right now. A fine young man that I know was killed in Afghanistan yesterday. I mean...I knew the boy.


    Thanks, y'all. Really, thanks.

  5. I wrote my stuff today at The Mayor's, had a good day at work, met a couple of strange folks, saw a truly beautiful girl. Made dinner, read the emails. Life goes on doesn't it? well... not for everyone.

    For some folks, it just stops. Just stops on the other side of the planet trying to make a difference in the world. Defending someone's freedom. And for the parents it stops too. They'll remember that knock on the door forever. The final hug goodbye as he left for service. Nothing anyone can say will make it better. You'll have the memories of seeing him pitch or throw a ball. Maybe he broke 2 windows when he was 11 like I did. It all seems pretty small now though.

    God bless your neighbor's Andy... they'll need it, and a prayer.

  6. Marc, you're just so dang spot on that you can't even imagine.

    Seriously, you are.

    Man, I watched that kid grow into a mountain of a man...

    I'm having a hard time with this. But not nearly as hard as his brothers and sisters are. His Mom died a couple of years ago...she worked at the VA hospital in Shreveport...his Dad rents one of the duplex apartments one door down from me...a hopeless alcoholic.

    But, the young man (and all of his brothers and sisters) persevered through all the crap to become fine human beings.

    He really was as good as gold.

    Thanks, Marc. Really. Thanks.

    It means a lot to me right now.

  7. I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of someone you knew...heard a song this weekend about Jesus and soldiers dying for us. May Jesus welcome in His endless love this fine young man you knew...

  8. Mrs. Who, thank you so very much. When I posted this, I had no idea that I'd be down in the dumps later in the day.

    I watched it all unfold...the sorrow, angst, etc. It really got to me.

    But I was reminded tonight by a friend of the family that he did what he did because he wanted to. He knew what might happen, but he did his job because he gave a damn. That's some consolation.

    Where do we find such people?


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