Saturday, July 16, 2011

Memo from satan to Northwest Lousiana...


"I want my weather back, dammit!"


  1. They got that same Memo in Arkansas. And this is the weekend Younger Daughter chose to have her annual birthday campout. We didn't even pretend to want to go.

  2. I'd be willing to share. So far we've only turned the AC on twice. High so far is 90 and we've only cracked 80 a few times. Crazy. Normally we're flirtin' with 100 by now.

  3. Moogie's right, Arkansas ain't any better. It's so bad even the local swimming holes aren't any relief, they feel like bathwater.

  4. crap!

    Moogie, We didn't even pretend to want to go. Bahahahahaha!

    Inno, I hate you. Hate. Hate. Hate. Not really.

    Dave, ain't it the truth! I took a 20 minute hot shower this afternoon, and only ran the cold water.

    Of course, it's been hotter. I remember hotter Summers...but not stretches this long this early.

  5. Well, it's just normal here. Mid to high 90s, very few triple digit days, down into the mid-60s at night.

    My cross to bear. ;-)

  6. I'm in Inno's neck of the country, and our weather sucks right now. And not because it's warm and dry, either.

  7. Andy, went camping down in Jacksonville, FL at the Navy base last weekend. Hot, but pleasant, right on the beach!
    At this point in time, I'm almost (but not quite) ready to become a Beaver fan in order to move back to OR to escape this South GA heat! Inno, I talked to my sis in Eugene the other day, and she told me about the nice weather. We'll be there for 2 weeks at the end of Aug. Visiting Lincoln City for a 4 day family reunion. Don't know if I'll make it back here! Except Katie the wonder dog is here and she'd miss me....

  8. Hey Paul! I know you really miss home. Hope the visit does the trick for y'all.

    Take Katie...just in case...


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