Monday, July 18, 2011

Songs that make Andy actually dance on the "chip aisle" at The Kroger (#1)


Yes, I actually danced down the chip aisle at The Kroger today.  Sure, I dance like a white boy, but if felt really, really, really good!

And, you shoulda' seen the look on the face of the old broad on the electric shopping cart... 

(BTW, there is more to come.  The Kroger gots some bitchin' music on the overhead!)


  1. Buddy Roemer now running for POTUS????

    You'd win Dancing with the Stars if I were your competition. You'd look like freakin' Astaire compared to me.

  2. Yeah, Inno...Buddy Roemer running for Prez.


    Buddy graduated from the same high school that I did (even though he's a good bit older than I'm iz), and he has quite an interesting life story. At one time, he was one of the "Bowl Weevil" Democraps in the US House that sided with Reagan on tax cuts, etc. And, he was even mentioned back in that day as an "up and comer..." Maybe even a Veep pick.

    But, he made the fatal mistake of leaving The Congerrs, and coming back to run for Goober of Louisiana. He won. Once.

    Buddy is a decent guy and all. But, he's wasting good oxygen. He actually supported the Dimocrap in the 2010 elections over our great conservative Congressman, Dr. John Fleming. Of course, the Dimocrap was his mixed loyalties and all.

    He'd suck as a Prez. We don't need anybody with mixed loyalties. But, the whole conversation is moot, because he will not even get the bat on the ball, much less get to first base.

  3. Dancing in Kroger? I almost stopped by there today, I suppose the flying fickle finger of fate was looking out for me, because I didn't.
    If I had seen you dancing down the aisle, I don't know if I could have stood it.

  4. Jimbo, you do NOT know what you missed. I was truly in to it, and if someone had taped it, it would truly be a YouTube sensation.

    I was almost like I had some black folk in me. Seriously. And, ya' gotta admit that if that song don't make you want to get up and dance, then you're past rigor mortis.

  5. While trying on new shoes at the Shoe Carnival, my brother and started dancing down the middle aisle - new shoes, good music - it was just too good to pass up.

  6. They don't have music at Wally-World and we don't have a Kroger store within 150 miles, if that. So I can keep my dancin' shoes in the closet.

  7. Lou, if I'd have been there, I'd have participated. There's just something about spontaneous dancing that I CAN NOT resist. And, I really am white.

    Scooney, I felt like Kevin Bacon hisself. It was really quite liberating.

    Buck, you don't have a Kroger within 150 miles? Dang... Do you have a City Market? It's the same thing, or at least it was back when I lived out West.

    That SUCKS! The Kroger is the greatest grocery store in the history of grocery store junk. Man...their Sour Cream & Onion Kroger Brand 'Tater Chips are the best 'Tater Chips in the history of the biz. And, they run the "mix and match" 10 for $10...cheese stuff, and chips, and junk.

    I'm feeling sad for you right now, Buck. 150 miles to a The Kroger? Crud...

  8. Sounds like you're making the most of your time off work! Are you more Astaire or Gene Kelly style?

    There's a fairly new Kroger in Little Rock so big that it should have it's own zip code. They sell everything -- including furniture and jewelry. I've never noticed whether they play music, though. It takes all my concentration to find what I'm looking for!

  9. Yeah, Buddy Roemer. Didn't David Duke run once?

  10. Moogie, my time off from work has sucked! Really...

    And, yes, Duke did run beat by Fast Eddie, too. And, the ONE time Buddy won election it was because he got about 25% of the vote in the primary, and Fast Eddie said, "I quit. I'm not continuing on to the general election."

    I will go to my grave believing that EE threw the election to Buddy as a payment for Buddy's Father, Charles taking the fall for all of Edwin's criminal activity (and not talking about it). Buddy's Daddy was Edwin's Commissioner of Administration, and was in jail at the time.

    LA politics...

    Regardless, Buddy's a decent enough cat, I guess. But, I think you could get more votes in the Republican primaries than he will. In fact, I KNOW IT!

  11. Do you have a City Market? It's the same thing, or at least it was back when I lived out West.

    Nope. We have an IGA and Wally-World and that's IT. I can drive 20+ miles one-way over to The Big(ger) City™ and shop at an Albertson's or drive about the same distance and shop the commissary. We is in the sticks...


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