Tuesday, July 19, 2011

If it's not one something, it's something else. Crud!


Hey y'all!  Hugs, kisses, whatever...

Man, I finally got some time off from work after an especially challenging couple of weeks.  The two weeks started out with me witnessing first hand two uniformed Soldiers showing up next door to inform the family that one of their sons had been killed in Afghanistan.  I will certainly post something about this when I finally get my head wrapped around it.  But for now, just know that it really knocked all of us off our game.  The family more so than me, obviously...but, well, I'll post something about it once I've got my head wrapped around it.  Then it was on to work for a couple of challenging weeks.

Don't get me wrong...as y'all all know, I love my job.  But, it was time to shelve it for a while. 

So, I had me these three whole days off hand-runnin', and had me my plan.

My garage looks like crap.  Seriously.  For a guy that prides himself on keeping things neat, clean, and in order, it is truly embarrassing.  And, my yard looks like crap.  SERIOUSLY!  I mean, this is ME!!!  I'm the one guy in the 'hood that can't stand it when his place gets to looking crappy.  But, there I'm iz...with a crappy looking yard.


So, since I got off work on Sunday morning, I have literally felt like crap.  And, my well-laid plans have turned out just such that way.  My garage still looks like crap, and my yard looks exactly like it did (except with three extra days of crappy, viney, weedy growth piled on top of the crappy look).


It has been a struggle just to move around.




Well, as some/most/maybe none of y'all know, I am the pro bono Secretary for my beloved Daddy's business.  Yes, I handle all of his website updates, his electronic correspondence, his billing, etc.  Well...it seems that a couple of weeks ago (just about the time that I found out that a fine young man that went to High School with my #2 son, and is a true military hero was killed in action) that my Daddy's online fax service, and e-mail service basically cratered.

To be honest, I KNEW something was wrong.  I just didn't have the spizzerinkum to look in to it.  But, I knowed it must be did.  So, yesterday I dived in to it.  About three hours of web-searching, and two calls to a very nice lady in India helped me get Daddy's online fax service back up.  (She did a bitchin' job, too!  Really!  Them Indians are pretty sharp from time to time.  Just sayin'...)

Then it came down to figuring out WHY all of his e-mails were not being forwarded to my main box where I have ALL of his biz e-mails, my biz e-mails, my personal e-mails, etc. forwarded.




Well, I finally figured it out (by the hardest).  So all was right with the world.


I still felt like crap.

Then, Monday night I was so tied up in knots that I did not get to sleep until 0420 HRS on Tuesday morning. (A really good friend of mine called me a "pussy" twice on Monday night.  It hurt.  Really.  Not.)




Then, I wake up at roughly 0845 HRS on Tuesday to this!

Yep!  The Gooble Mail has somehow decided to screw with me.


I wake up and find that 1490 old e-mails have been re-deposited in my "catch all" inbox.

The Mrs. thought it was REALLY, REALLY funny, too.  She was like, "Bwahahahahahaha....you're the guy that's so anal about keeping his e-mail box cleaned out.  Bwahahahahahahaha"

I love her.  Really, I do...so I laughed along with her. 

Ha ha ha ha.........

So, it's been a good long while since I thought about marketing this great idea for leisure wear that I had in the way back.  Most/Some/Probably not none of y'all remember it.

But, I might just do it.  Probably!  Maybe.  Probably not...

Anyway, I truly do NOT enjoy being a titty baby, and unloading all my junk on y'all.

Well, maybe I really do...

Not sure.

The ONE THING I KNOW FOR SURE is that The Netflix (registered/copywrite/whatever) has come through, and sent me a video of "Rainman."  

I'm planning to look at Dustin Hoffman in his retard role, eat some of The Mrs.' world famous refried beans on corn chips, and enjoy the last few hours before I have to go back to work.

Have I ever mentioned that I love my job?


  1. I'm sorry for your neighbor's son. Getting your head wrapped around that would be tough. Know that God is in control.

    "Titty baby" Haven't heard that on in a while.

  2. What Bag Blog said about your neighbors.
    And you shipping your own boy off just days ago.
    Crap, Andy.
    Just. Total. Crap.

    All the rest, though? Yeah, I'm laughing with your wife.

  3. Lou, and Roses...

    Honestly, there is a touching story in the loss of a brave hero. I've been racking my brain trying to figure out how to lay the whole story out.

    I've got personal remembrances, photos, and "up close and personal" details from the folks next door (who have been my friends and neighbors for almost 15 years now). I just can't quite bring myself to tell the whole story in a way that would do it justice.

    I'm just not that good.

    But, I appreciate you two for the love. Yep, it's hard to ever get your brain wrapped around the entire deal. People that you know, and people that you care about, and ... well...

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  5. Andy, I know that is a hard one for you to write, but you need to do it. It will be good, because it is from your heart.

  6. G-mail did sumthin' (some update?) in the last couple o' days that is NOT good. I've noticed errors in processing mail and opening unread stuff in my inbox, which refuses to display. NOT good...

    I'm sorry ya had a rough time of it for the last three days and hope ya get to feelin' better.

  7. It's good that you finally got some of that out in the open. There was news coverage about him all the way down here.

    Enjoy Dustin, and hope you feel better soon!

  8. Hey, thanks y'all! I'm feeling MUCH better now.

    As to the young Soldier...he was a family friend, and I WAS THERE. It's still kind of an open wound, but Imma get to writing about it.

    Moogie, thanks for letting me know that Michael's story wasn't just a local one. Excellent news. Thankee!


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