Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dangit! How'd that happen?


I don't worry too much about my weight.  For the last 20+ years, it has never been an issue.  It was when I was a kid, and a young adult, but not since I was about 28.

In fact, I only hit the bathroom scale a couple of times a year...and then mostly just out of curiosity.  The last time I weighed was sometime back in the Spring, and I was pushing 138.  Now, normally over a Summer, I'll lose about 5 pounds.  But, I was pretty sure I hadn't lost any this Summer, and checked this morning.


Yep.  148.

How'd that happen?

All I can figure is that this Summer has been an extra odd one.  In a normal Summer, I take care of about 5 or 6 yards...pushing, weedeating, blowing, and such.  This is the first Summer in forever that I only had MY place to take care of.  And honestly, there hasn't been much to take care of.  I mean, heck, I haven't even mowed my crappy looking dead crap in over a month.

Plus, it's just so dang miserably hot that I don't even feel like being outside.  Period.  Sure, I'm pretty active on my job, but it's mostly in the cool.

Or, it could be that I have eaten one 11 oz. bag of The Kroger Sour Cream & Onion Potato Chips every day for the last 90 days (at least).


I knew my britches were shrinking up a little bit...but 10 pounds?

I'm depressed.

I'm gonna now go and eat 1/2 of a Party Pail of The Kroger Cookies & Cream Ice Cream, topped with peanut butter & Hershey's syrup.  

That should cure my depression behind this deal.


  1. ice cream is like magic tonic for any problem

  2. I just want to point out some common grammatical/tense mistakes in this post, because that is just the SOB I am.

    You cut grass with a lawn MOWER, so the act of cutting grass with that implement is MOWERING. Same use and tense with the blower or weedeater. Blowering, edgering, and weedeatering. Get on board. Trust me, that pisses people off no end.

  3. TD, I'm sure you meant it pisses people off "to" no end.

  4. I've found that chocolate is the best cure all :-)

  5. I would weigh a hunnerd more pounds that that if I lived where they made fried shrimp poo' boys 'n muffeletas all the time. Wait, I do weigh 100 pounds more than that. Dang, I hate it when that happens. You can mow your grass or blow your leaves or edge your sidewalk and I don't care what you call it.

  6. "Blowering and mowering?" I have my doubts. Now "hunnerd" I understand.

    I don't want to talk about weight. It makes me want to fight - I guess I'm at my fighting weight.

  7. You haven't developed a professional affinity for donuts, have ya? That would do it, too. ;-)

    I had to go step on the scale coz I haven't done that in about a year.

    Ready? 121.

    Got donuts?

  8. Buck, 121? Dang! And, you've actually not been blown to Lubbock yet? I gots no donuts...not a donut guy.

    But, I probably have some 29 & 30" waist shorts I can spare, because it seems I've got no use for them at this time.

    MUD, you are a large man with a big frame. I'm pretty sure you carry 248 pretty well.

    Lou, Nyuk!

    Stopsign, I'm not a big chocaholic...unless it's chocolate syrup. Or, M & M s, or Reese's peanut butter cups. Or...well, maybe I am.

  9. Buck, 121? Dang!

    Well, yeah. But I'm only 4'6". Or thereabouts.

  10. How did you get my picture?

  11. Kartman, you need to quit posting on those singles beef-cake websites.

  12. If you've got you gotta flaunt it.

  13. Kartman, I understand. I know that you are doing a service in the interest of the public.

    You're a good citizen.


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