Saturday, August 27, 2011

Irene ain't no Katrina! Yet.


I've been looking off and on at the news coverage of the landfall of Irene throughout the day.  And, I agree with Buck who previously commented, "Shep Smith can be THE most irritating anchor on any network, with the possible exception of Wolf Blitzer. And EVERYONE on MSNBC."

The thing that has been bugging me over the last several days in the run-up to disaster (or not) is that I have heard at least seven million times "This will be no Katrina," or "This is not like Katrina," or some such reference to the thing that wouldn't leave.

Of course it's not!  

What folks often forget is that Katrina did very little damage to New Orleans proper...oh blew away many towns on the Mississippi Gulf Coast (including Shep Smith's hometown of Waveland)...but The Crescent City was only hit with some strong winds, and heavy rains.  Sure, there was damage, but the real problem was Dick Cheney.

Things are different now.  Dick Cheney is no longer Vice President.  So, he has no access to high speed watercraft that he can use to set dynamite charges, and then laugh with evil excitement as he pushes down the plunger, and blows bigass holes in levees...flooding ONLY the black neighborhoods.

So, y'all black folks in the path will be just fine.


  1. Watching east-coasters freak out over this storm is like watching us Oregonians freak out over 2" of snow.

    THE END IS NIGH! GAaaaah!!!

  2. Hey, speakin' o' Darth Cheney... are ya gonna buy his book? I might, just to get some dynamiting tips and other secrets o' the Black Arts.

    So... speakin' o' Irene... I read the death toll is up to THREE now. We lost more than that in a two vehicle accident on US 70 last week.

  3. oughta see us Southerners prepare for a 2" snowfall. You'd LYAO!!!

    Buck, I think I will...I mean, buy the book. Sadly, I look for a lot more deaths due to this thing.


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  5. Well, the rain just got started by me here in the NE. Let's see what this storm brings. The winds should cause some damage...trees/limbs falling, etc.

    I'm worried more by flooding. We're so built up here it's a problem when we get heavy rain around spring thaw. Combined with storm surge...well it will be a problem. But most are over-reacting. Darn news media.

  6. Once again "News Overload" from the net works! It's like "Godzilla is coming to N.Y." according to the hype.
    Cheney's book might be worth a look, at least a different slant on things that happened.
    Don't know nuthin 'bout no black folk.

  7. Chicken Little needs his ass kicked. Hard.

  8. I don't know who was funnier: Shep Smith in hysteria mode, or Majid Ali's plea for help in your comments...

  9. It's still too early to know whether the "the sky is falling" crowd was right, or wrong.

    But, if there are very few deaths, I'll be grateful. And, I'll chalk much of that up to people heeding the warnings & getting out.

    Skunks, I started to dump Majid's comment, but figured, "what the heck?" Lots of folks are trying to make a buck or two with adsense. Very few are, but I can't blame a guy for trying.

  10. And don't forget that Bush 43 bought the dynamite and gas for Dick.

  11. MUD, I think it came from taxpayer money, too!


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