Sunday, August 28, 2011

Is it Thanksgiving already?


Well, it may as well be.  Operating under the assumption that IT WILL NEVER RAIN AGAIN IN NORTHWEST LOUISIANA,  I spent yesterday doing what I usually do about Thanksgiving week.

I had Sattidy off from work, and it was really, really, really pleasant early on.  It was in the 70's, with a dry breeze blowing.  So, I scalped the yard (the dead, dry, brown, usually gorgeous, green San Auguistine Grass) with the mower wheels on "low," weedeatered, blowered, and drained all the gas tanks...put the two-cycle equipment away in the shop, and slammed the friggin' overhead door down on it all!

For the season!

By that time it was noon, and something like 721 in dog heat.

Seriously, I usually wrap up lawn maintenance around Thanksgiving.  But, I'm pretty sure I'm done for the year, due to the fact that my yard looks like it's time to eat some cranberry sauce, and green bean casserole at Momma's. 

So now, I'm ready for some football.  

The way things are shaping up here, it's likely I won't post nothing until next Sattidy.  That is when REAL LIFE begins.  I've got my equipment all laid out, and my plans well made.

I'll show y'all a picture.

I promise.

Y'all have a blessed week in The Lord!


  1. I had a quick look at the LSU schedual and noted they don't have any tough games against Texas teams, but they have one tough game in Florida.
    So I don't want to offend or anything, but does this mean it's LSU's year to go all the way? Seeing as they've had the schedual gifted to them...
    I'm not anything regarding your college game. Maybe you can tell now? Anyways, I love Thanksgiving & those big tasty birds filled with goodness.

  2. It's football season in Tennessee!! Hell yeah! Let's get this party started! GO VOLS!

  3. Marc, just FYI, there are no tough teams in Texas to play.

    Our toughest games will be against Alabama, MS State, Florida, Auburn, Arkansas...and, oh yeah...we start with Oregon (some have them ranked 1st or 2nd). Except for the couple of "gimmes" like NW St., W. Kentucky, & Ole Miss, it is a murderous schedule, really.

    I'm hoping for 12-0...I'm expecting 9-3.

    Jim, Yep!

  4. Oh yeah, Jill...I forgot about your Volunteers. Gonna be a tough game, too. We shoulda lost that one last season, and Corch Dooley's got an improved squad.


  5. Hook em Horns. Ok. Maybe not this year but one day again.

  6. Hmmm. It looks like I'm gonna have to double up on the incense and bear down on my chants. I'm surprised, actually. A couple o' incense sticks and appropriate words usually brings results... in your case, rain... but not always.

    I'm on the case, Andy.

  7. WOT? How ken ya ferget about them VOLS? Geez...I guess more Volunteer goodies will have to be shipped your way to keep them in the forefront of your brain....outta sight outta to get you some "stuff" so you will remember! I know you are growing older (birthday looming ahead) and more fergetful so I'm a gonna help ya out! You can thank me always hugs, kisses, yada yada yada...

  8. Hey Andy! good news!! I read a link (I want not to state from whereabouts) from Ace of Spades WHQ that Texas A&M is gonna pay 15 mil to exit the Big 12 and move to the SEC. Isn't that weird? I'm gonna guess that A&M is looking for the easy way out? Is that what I'm a-readin'?

    *I actually know next to nothing regarding the college game aside from high-lights on network Tv. It looks to be a smashing success so far... I hear there's a version of it in Florida too.

  9. Jill...sigh.


    Marc, yes, A&M is indeed doing their very best to get out of their fast-fading conference, and in to one (The SEC) that will get them more national exposure & eventually a shot at a top-level program. But, I doubt it's going to happen. It was hard enough on SEC officials to let Arkansas in several years ago. I just don't see a Texas team being able to swing enough support within the conference. It's the Southeast Conference, dammit!

    We don't need ONE MORE old Southwest Conference team in it. If they want to take the easy way out, they should join the WAC, or maybe the Pac-12/16/whatever.

    BTW...thanks for setting me up to answer that one. To finish it off, Flarda is not the powerhouse it once was. But, it is in the SEC, therefore it is about 25 times tougher than anybody A&M will play in their conference schedule.


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