Monday, August 1, 2011

My dearest old friend from forever stopped by tonight.


I wasn't expecting him.

Man, we hunted, fished, frog-gigged, double-dated, and kilt snakes together.

We served in each others weddings.  Stood up with each other, too.

Did everything together.  Learned darn near everything we know together.

Then, we kind of parted ways, and learned a bunch of junk separately.

But, it seems that we learned the same things, though on very different paths.

The Mrs. just happened to have supper ready.  We ate purple-hull peas, fried okra, and hot water cornbread washed down with iced tea.

I couldn't get #4 son to come to the table.  He's shy of "strangers."  Damn shame that #4 son views my dearest old friend from forever as a "stranger."

That's my fault.


  1. Nothing like seeing old friends!

    #4 son sounds like my only son USE to be.

  2. What a woderful surprise! I haven't seen my from-forever in years. Now I miss her!

  3. Good to see old friends. And that meal sounds delicious. I'm wishin' I had one of those hot water cornmeal patties right now.

    Deja vu. I feel like I left this comment last night when I first read this. Maybe I dreamed it. Or, since at '71 I got a bad case of CRS, maybe I wrote it but forgot to actually post it. Sigh.


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