Monday, August 1, 2011

Since everybody's blogging about the weather...


Me, too!  Me, too!  Me, too!

Pat, from And So It Goes In Shreveport did the heavy lifting on the screengrab.  Funny...Pat taught #3 son in High School.  When I came across her blog, and realized who she was, I mentioned it to #3 son.  I showed him her blog, and he said, "Oh yeah...but, she wasn't really like a teacher.  She was like a real person."

That's about as good as it gets from #3 son, so take that as high praise, Pat.

106?  Really?


But, it's been hotter.  And, it's been hotter for longer (but not much longer).

Y'all won't hear me bitch about hot weather.  Many of us have short memories.  Not me.

To steal a concept from our good Okie buddy, Staci...

106? That like 742 in dog heat, or sumthin'!!!

...two, three, four...

C'mon! Sure, you might not be laughing now, but you will use that at least three times today.

Trust me.


  1. I've been tempted to blog on the weather, too. I even got so far as screencapping an AccuWeather page the other day. But then I realized if I posted it everybody would hate me.

    Let's put it this way: This is the *mildest* summer I can ever remember. No exaggeration. Only ONE DAY so far have I not turned on the heater in the car on the way to my early AM job. I think we've cracked 90 just once.

    OK, now I've done it. Your *comments* get more views than my whole blog, so everybody's going to be hating me after all. sniff

  2. I can't even believe you remembered that! And yes, it's 112 here right now, as I speak (type, whatever)! That would be..... 112 x 7, carry the 1..... 784 damnit degrees!

  3. Inno, it is not possible to hate you. If somebody hates you, then there is something wrong with THEM.

    I pity you. A mild summer sucks. It's supposed to be hot, miserable, and long. That way when September rolls around, and LSU destroys the Ducks (IN DALLAS!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It's still gonna be about 707 in dog heat, and them poor Ducks will be sucking wind at kickoff. Nyuk...) it will be worth it all.

    Staci, I could not never forget that. It's seared in my mind. 784 dammit degrees? Wooof!

  4. I envy innominatus so much. Since I am an old fat man the weather is killing me. Played golf today. Tee time was 7am. It was hot by the time my buddy and I finished. I went out to Monterey Calif. a couple of years ago to play and the temp was usually about 65 for the high. What a place to spend the summer.

  5. Kartman, I have been to Monterey. #1 son was stationed there for a couple of years at Ft. Ord (even though he's a Zoomie).

    Actually, he's back there pretty close right now at Beale AFB for a short-short, getting some head-stuffing before deploying.
    The Mrs. talked to him yesterday, and he said it was about 65. It was a welcome relief for him after being in Meridian, MS for a while.

    Sure, we could use a little of that kind of weather. But then again, an earthquake is not going to send us in to the Pacific one day. And, we don't have to suffer Jerry Brown in charge of things...or a majority of our citizens that would give him the job.

    Must REALLY suck!

  6. Are those absolute temps or the heat index? Either way... Aiiieee.

    We're cruisin' along at a modest 92. It's a lil too warmish for me to take Happy Hour outside... I'll just wait until the sun sinks below the horizon and the temps begin the drop to our 68 degree night-time low. ;-)

  7. Buck, those are actual temps.

    I do not pay any attention to the "heat index." When it's this hot, I really don't want to know how our humidity has compounded it.

    It's kinda like that deal that went around when gas when to $4.09.99. I can't remember who it was, but some comedian said, "Okay...can we now FINALLY drop the '.99' on the pumps?

    I mean, when it's that's all abstract anyway.

  8. Andy

    No Jerry Brown for me either. I was in Southern Calif. (March AFB) for a couple of years and the weather was hot in the day and cool at night. I was young then and it did't bother me much.

    Conservatives in nothern Calif. seem to be rare. In the south we had Orange County. A lot of good republicans there. Not like the northern part of the state. I met a guy in Carmel who claimed to be the only conservative businessman in town. For their weather, I could put up with libs.

  9. Kartman...yeah, I've been to Carmel, too. I was just a kid, but will NEVER forget how it "felt."

    If memory serves that is where the Hearst Castle is. It made a big impression on me, although I was a barefoot kid.

    Catch that one, and wins you a prize.


    I think I'll take "here" over "there" as a steady diet.

  10. Oooooops! Mr. Gooble tells me that the Hearst Castle is in San Simeon.

    San Simeon...San Luis Obispo...Carmel...whatever. Close enough.

    Like I said, I was a kid.

  11. San Simeon...San Luis Obispo...Carmel...whatever.

    I wouldn't wanna walk from Carmel to San Simeon. The drive, OTOH, is mag-freakin'-nif-i-cent. That's about the best 90+ miles in these United States... and it's better on a mo'sickle.

  12. LOL, I love Son #3; he's like a real person, too! But smarter.

  13. Here in west-central Arkansas we're expecting a high of 107 by Wednesday. My mind quits trying to even wrap around the concept once the mercury passes 105...

  14. At least the dog-heat measure in JerryWorld will be a "dry" heat.

    Our air-temp heat isn't miserable -- upper 80s to mid 90s -- but our humidity is measured in dog percentages. Or tonnages.

    I just spent a few days in central Arkansas, the suburbs of hell. We got a decent 30-minute summer downpour one afternoon. The tv news showed several clips of people dancing in the rain. Literally.

    Fall can't come too quickly for me down here in southeast LA. Even though we really don't have a real fall. OK -- winter can't come too quickly for me.

    Inno, I'm really on the edge of being really peeved at you.

  15. Andy, It's hot here in South Freekin Georgia, Too. But, I'll be where Inno is in a couple of weeks for 2 blessed weeks! And just to remind you, my Ducks are practicing in their state of the art facility with the heat and humidity turned up so Dallas ain't gonna bother them atall!! Sooo, bless your little tiggers hearts when they crawl away defeated! (Love ya, man!)
    BTW, do the &%$## gnats come out in LA when it gets hot? I've learned to deal with the heat, but these gnats!!! They get worse when it's hot!! GRRR!!

  16. Moogie...Nyuk! Dog tonnages. Nyuk.

    Paul, everybody loves a dreamer. So, I am quite sure that you are the most loved man in South Friggin' Georgia.

    We do not have gnats in NW Louisiana. We also do not have skeeters, red wasps, or noseeums. At least we don't this year. Seriously, it has been so hot & dry that even the normal summertime pests have died. Hell, the weeds in the garden are drying up.

    Paul, enjoy your visit to Oregon. I know that you are really looking forward to it. Oregon is beautiful, and has a fabulous climate. I' sure that helps make up for having two football teams that really, really suck.


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