Saturday, August 13, 2011

Y'all pray, please.


I believe in the power of prayer.  I really do.  So, I'm asking y'all to pray over a couple of things.

First off, I'm asking y'all to pray for rain in Northwest Louisiana.

I've never been one to bitch about hot weather, because I despise Winter.  And, even though we've been over 100 every day for so long that I can't remember when we weren't,  I will not complain.  I handle hot weather just fine.  But, I'll confess that the drought is wearing on me.  

I've lived all but four of my almost 52 years here in NW Louisiana, and I know for certain I've never seen it this dry.  I mean, I can drink a bottle of water and tinkle dust.

This here is my normally beautiful, green St. Augustine grass.  
 BTW, those leaves you see are from our pecan tree in the back yard.  The dang pecan tree is already shedding due to the dry weather!

Yep!  My normally beautiful, green St. Augustine grass looks like crap.  I would try to lay it off on chinch bugs, because they feast on St. Augustine grass.  But, I can not.  

Nope!  Chinch bugs always start from the pavement/sidewalk/driveway/whatever, and work their way in.

As you can see, this here is what it looks like near the concrete.  

Not Chinch bugs!!!

This here is the front yard at Andy's Place.  

We've got a bit of green beneath the Native Oak that keeps enough shade all day.  But the rest of it is just a testimony to how miserably dry it is here in NW Louisiana.  So, would y'all please bombard the throne of Heaven?  Please!

The second thing I'm asking y'all to pray about is for a friend of mine (we'll just call him "Mr. E").  I went to see him  today.  I knew he was in a rehabilitation facility, and when I got there the nice lady at the desk told me that he was not there.  He had been taken to the ER at a hospital just across the street.  I was like, "DANG!" and found my way to the ER, where I visited with Mr. E for a good long while.

I love the old guy.  Really, I do.  He is one of the finer men I've been blessed to know.

I'm not going to bore y'all with all the details about how I know him, or about his condition, or what we talked about.  I'm just going to tell you all that before I left his bedside he asked me to pray...and to ask everybody else to pray.

Mr. E needs it...and he asked for it.  So, if you've got a spare prayer stored up somewhere, I'd appreciate y'all spending it on Mr. E.

And, rain for NW Louisiana.  Don't forget about that, please.

Thanks, y'all.


  1. I've never been one to turn down a prayer request.

  2. Will do, Andy. Hope your friend gets better and you all get a gully washer down there.

  3. It's my understanding that when folks ask you to pray for them, they generally need it more than the others even though they've already got the Lord in their soul.

    We've had more than our share of rain up here Andy, it's actually been perfectly dispersed as well this year, so I guess we can spare some, and hopefully have it sent far enough south for ya'll to grow something green where your lawn used to be.

    Have you tried washing your car in the front driveway? that usually does the trick.

  4. Prayers going up for Mr. E and for rain in your area.

  5. Dan, Stopsign, thanks!

    Marc, your feelings about the subject match mine.

    And I'll try the car wash thing this afternoon.

  6. Done and done, Andy.

    You could start some construction on a project that's been simmering for a year. That seemed to do the trick in Little Rock. We single handedly broke the drought there!

  7. My best thoughts are given to both Mr. E and rain... and I shall burn some incense later.

  8. For Mr. E:

    Watch, O Lord,
    with those who wake,
    or watch,
    or weep tonight,
    and give Your angels charge over those who sleep.

    Tend Your sick ones, O Lord Christ.
    Rest Your weary ones.
    Bless Your dying ones.
    Soothe Your suffering ones.
    Pity Your afflicted ones.
    Shield Your joyous ones.
    And for all Your love's sake.


    And for some rain for you:

    Almighty God,
    we are in need of rain.
    We realize now,
    looking up into the clear, blue sky,
    what a marvel even the least drop of rain really is.
    To think that so much water can fall out of the sky,
    which now is empty and clear!
    We place our trust in You.
    We are sure that You know our needs.
    But You want us to ask You anyway,
    to show You that we know we are dependent on You.
    Look on our dry hills and fields, dear God,
    and bless them with the living blessing of soft rain.
    Then the land will rejoice,
    and the rivers will sing Your praises,
    and the hearts of men will be made glad.


  9. Been getting some nice meaty thunderstorms up our way here in Arkansas. Will try to blow hard enough to send them your way, as well as a few prayers for Mr. E.

  10. We did get a bit of rain this past week. It was not enough to do much, but it was refreshing. The temps actually fell to the 70's. Of course, they were back up to 100's soon, but at least not 110+. Our grass is not only dried and burned up, but it is blowing away. We have taken in 5 of our neighbor's horses because there is no grass or hay.

    I do feel like our bit of rain was a blessing and will be praying for you too.

  11. Lou, Dave, Moogie, Mrs. Who...all greatly appreciated.

    Buck, I'm pretty sure Mr. E will appreciate any form of request for hep. I know I appreciate it for him! The old fellow's in pretty rough shape. Thanks again, y'all.


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