Sunday, August 14, 2011

Just one SEC homer's opinion...


I do not want the friggin' retarded Texas Aggies in the SEC!  I mean, it is hard enough dealing with Ole Miss fans as it is.  We do not need any more stupid, obnoxious opponents.

Certainly, a few weak sisters like Vandy & The Growly Rebel Bears (or whatever PC name they've got now) could go, and I'd never shed a tear...unless their expulsion meant dragging a team from Tejas in to fill their spot.  Texas football sucks...most all the entire state, with a couple of exceptions in high school football...and the really good guys get the hell out of there as quick as they can to go play college ball in a quality conference (SEC)  Or, they go to Oklahoma.  And the sad part about that is they are so damn arrogant over there that they do not even realize just HOW MUCH they suck.

If A&M enters the SEC, I'm starting a campaign for LSU to go Independent.  

The very idea of a Texas team in the SEC is just so dang repulsive that I'm gonna have to eat at least half of this 5 quart pail of Kroger Cookies & Cream Ice Cream that I picked up on the way home from work (topped with peanut butter & chocolate syrup, btw) just to settle down tonight.

Stupid Aggies...

Hell, there are about four hundred volumes of "101 Aggie Jokes."  And none of those jokes are really all that funny...because they're all just real life stories.

If A&M gets in the SEC, I shall watch pacific-12, or big 10-11-12/whatever.


  1. Well if A&M does join, the Pac12 has a brand new national teevee network. So you could have ya a TON of fun watching Cal play Utah. :/

  2. So I'm trying to understand, you don't think they should come into the SEC? Is that what you're saying?

  3. Having grown up in Texas and been a Longhorn fan my entire life, I never realized that Texas football sucked until now. Thanks for making me understand.

    I am one of the few in La who is not an LSU fan but I also hate the Aggies.

  4. Ah, but the Aggies will always keep you guessing. Just when you think they are really sorry, they will beat your socks off. It maybe a fluke, but it's what keeps us fans.

    My favorite Aggie joke: What do you call an Aggie a few years after graduation? Boss.

  5. Inno: I will do just squat and watch! I'm serious.

    Jim, I'll have to do a better job of making my opinion clear in the future.

    Kartman & Lou...sigh... Heck, I'm so starved for college ball that it ain't even time for trash talking yet, and I can't resist myself. Sigh...

  6. I am also looking forward to college football. My Horns aren't going to be very good again this year but I will still be a fan.

    At one time I was also a pro football fan. I liked Dallas but Jerry Jones changed that. I still try to like them but it is difficult.

  7. Kartman, do I EVER understand. I'll be an LSU fan even when we eventually suck again. Oh, it'll is inevitable with football programs.

    And, as to the Cowboys. Can't "amen" that enough. When Jones came along, I lost all interest in the Cowboys, even though I had grown up a huge Dallas fan...and pro ball in general. I think I watched two games season before last, and maybe a piece of one last season.

  8. I like high school football. I worked at Benton for a long time so I hope they are better than last year. Don't think they will be good though but can always hope.

  9. I'm agnostic about Tejas football. But I HAVE known some great Aggies as a lot of 'em go into the military after graduation... and they bring a certain "good ole boy" mentality to the bid'niz of breakin' thangs and killin' people what needs killin'.

    Apropos o' nuthin'... Rick Perry was an Aggie AND an AF pilot. That's a damned good start on a resume, in my book.

  10. I agree. He is the best choice in my opinion. I know quiet a few aggies. Some of my former students and a former friend from high school is on the Ark. superme court. I knew several in military also.

  11. Yeah Buck, I knew those things about Perry. He's an interesting man...and getting a serious look from yours truly.

    We also had a local hero of sorts from BC...went to A & M, became a Naval fighter pilot in Vietnam, and eventually commanded a few ships...the last being the USS Kitty Hawk.

    He was as crazy as all get out...and real good at that breaking things deal, too.

  12. A&M has been on my list ever since their charming players spat at me before the Arkansas/A&M game while I was on the field calling the Hogs. Didn't like them much beforehand, can't tolerate them today, even though I know some grads. We've already done enough time against them in the Southwest Conference days. Ewwwww. The thought makes my skin crawl.

    On the other hand -- Geaux Saints! Let the Who Dattin' commence!

  13. Moogie, the subject of A&M is the only thing I EVER heard my beloved Uncle Earl curse over. He was a staunch Baptist, and in administration at Baylor.

    I never in all my years knowing him heard him use a profanity. But, when he described being in the stadium with A&M fans...well, it'd curl your hair.

    Your story is typical. A&M (and their fans) suck. Besides that, it was hard enough for us SEC homers to accept Arkansas. I mean, y'all really aren't in the Southeast. But, your country does touch the Mississippi River...unlike stinkin' Texas it was easier to stomach.

  14. You can always tell an Aggie. You can't tell 'em much, but you can always tell 'em. It also works if you yell real loud and talk slow with small W O R D S.


    Imma remember that one for future use.

  16. Aggie fans are not nearly as obnoxious as UT or OU fans. And I don't suck.

  17. Lou, go ahead on and tell yourself that thing about Aggie fans not being as obnoxious as 'Horns or Sooners. Yeah, just keep telling yourself that.

    I will not say that EVERY Aggie fan sucks...obviously there are two or so that do not.

    You want to talk obnoxious? Ole Miss. Hands down! But, I'm still not willing to boot them for any team from the old Southwest Conference. We already got one of those, and one is quite enough.


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