Monday, August 15, 2011

Who The Heck I'm Iz?


Wow!  It has been since March 2, 2011 since I posted a "Who The Heck I'm Iz?" deal.

So, I know y'all are bound to be parched for a chance to show just how knowledgeable of obscure things you are.  In our last edition of this, the guy was Marjoe Gortner.  Only Big Bad Jim even kinda halfway knew the guy.  Hopefully y'all will do mo' better this time, because this guy is not as obscure.  As far as I know he was never a Child Evangelist, either.

Actually, I started to do this post last night, but I got disrupted by a very troubling story out of Thibodeaux, Louisiana, which Big Bald Jim had posted on The Facebook®.  So, I just quit and went on to bed.  But, I woke up, and figured I'd go ahead on and do it now.  You're welcome.

So, The Mrs. was looking at a film on The Netflix® last night.  And, it was a pretty good film, too.  It was somewhat hard to follow because about half the time they were talking Spanish, and the other half they were talking English.  And, there were no sub-titles, neither.  Fortunately, I am half-way fluent in Spanish due to the fact that I live in the 'hood surrounded by a bunch of Wetback neighbors...and I had a small manufacturing plant in TJ a few  years back, and was forced to learn the native tongue.

So, I could follow the film (I think it was filmed in  1994, or '95...not sure) pretty good.  Anyway, it was about these Irish nannies, and a Spanish revolution deal, and an Irish chick (who was hot btw) that fell in love with this Spaniard (who was married btw, but didn't seem to find anything wrong with having more than one woman on a string).  And, I mean, I was focusing in hard on the dialogue so as to be able to really enjoy the film.

Then I saw this other guy in the film (not the cheatin' Spaniard...another guy).  And I says to myself, "I know that guy!  I know him.  Who is that guy?  Who is that guy?  Dangit!!!!! Who is that guy?"  Then it started to dawn upon me.

He was that guy that I saw in that film WAY back in the 60's when I was a kid (1967 to be exact).  He is that guy that came to help out that guy that sang "MacArthur Park," and eventually ended up banging his wife.  But, I was a little confused.  I mean, I thought he was a Frenchman in that film from the 60's, come to help out the I figured I was wrong, because here he is now as a Spaniard in the mid-90's!

So, I studied on it in my head...pondered all I could remember...did a quick GoobleSearch®, and discovered that I was right.  It was the same guy...separated by about 30 years.  But my GoobleSearch® turned up an interesting something. He ain't a Frenchman. Nor, is he a Spaniard. Nope. He's an I-talian!

And, I'll tell y'all, the old boy has held up well, too.

He will be 70 years old  this coming November.  This picture was taken in August of 2008, so I guess he was about 66.

Okay...who is this guy?


  1. Okay, I got him, but I had to go to the gooble to do it, so I won't say. By the way, thanks for the very kind links ~

  2. You're welcome.

    Jimbo, I think you and I look a lot better than this dago. Just sayin'...

  3. Don't know his name, but he played Lancelot in the musical 'Camelot' oh so many years ago...

  4. Stopsign...pretty close.

    Dadman...Yep! I couldn't remember his name, either. But, my GoobleSearch on Camelot reminded me...because I KNEW he was in it.

  5. Well Dadman, I can't claim that. But, I sure remembered his face...and those eyes.

    Dude really has a remarkable look. While I was Goobling around I found a bunch of photos of him in Spaghetti Western looking films, too. Didn't really know that he did much after Camelot. Of course, I've been out of the movie-looking loop for a long, long time.

    Until The Netflix.

    BTW...I'm about to look at Hurt Locker tonight, which was mailed to me by The Netflix. I've been trying not to, but I think I should.

  6. Well, that was a go-to-the-Google moment. Dang!! He has held up well!

    That thing in Thibodeaux just sickens me.

  7. The Hurt Locker is a pretty good flick. I don't recall if it's got any overt, typical Hollywood anti-American crap in it, but if it does it's got a lot of dramatic, entertaining stuff too.

    The director of Hurt Locker, Kathryn Bigelow, is the gal who'll be directing the Obama re-election propaganda film about the demise of OBL, by the way...

  8. Franco Nero in action:

    Do you remember that 'Camelot' was shown at BHS our senior year in the auditorium? Can't for the life of me remember why...

  9. Moogie...I won't tell Pepper.

    Dadman, it seems I do remember that. I'm sure Mrs. Ramey had something to do with it.

    Dude...I don't think Franco was really singing in that clip. But, who cares??? Great for the ages for lovers.

    My reluctance to view Hurt Locker involves a very recent tragic episode involving a young friend of ours. I'm going to post about it pretty soon. I just want to watch the film before I do.

  10. I saw this guy in "Letters to Juliet" which was not a great movie - more of teen flick - but I'm with Moogie - he has held up well.

  11. Don't know the guy - I'll google soon.

    The Hurt Locker is entertaining, if you don't know a single thing about how the Army works. A lot of typical military cliches, most of which are designed to reinforce a couple of the usual stereotypes,
    like the careless renegade who hates authority, and leaders who are out of touch with their troops, etc.

  12. So... who is he?

    -The Movie Idjit

  13. I just found him - never heard ofhim, but I have definitely seen him in some things.

  14. Hey Seattle Andy! Yep, I watched Hurt Locker, and it was entertaining. But, I figured it was pretty unrealistic in many the renegade dude, and the officer thing. Glad you commented, so I'd know I figured it somewhat right.

    Buck, he is Franco Nero. Good actor. The guy has worked A LOT, and raised the eyebrow of The Mrs., even at his age.


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