Monday, September 26, 2011

Ain't no turning back now!


So, the old cracked up ceramic tile in the kitchen MUST go!

No more putting it off.

Plus, the 15 year-old Whirlpool dishwasher must go (soon to be replaced by a brand new Whirlpool, too)!

No more putting it off.

Plywood underlayment, fancy drill-in screws with the "star point" dealie on 'em, new dishwasher, floor patch, flooring, 1/4 round, and Advil all purchased today by The Mrs.

#3 son stopped by without a clue while I was at work, and took after extracting the old ceramic tile with these special tools built for it that my brother-in-law loaned at me.  They work REALLY good.  They weigh about 2300 lbs., so they should.

So, ain't no turning back now!

Thank goodness he's young, and built up.  He extracted a little less than half of the 162 square feet of old ceramic tile in about 45 minutes.

Thank goodness he's young, and built up.

I'm gonna use him again.

Anyway...I shall be completely occupied for the next several many days, and only plan to look at the worldwide computer to check on my biniss, my Daddy's biniss, and to see what else comes from the screwy on The Netflix, & The Facebook decisions.

And, I've got a screwy work schedule to boot.

I's like a conspiracy or something.

But, it's gonna be ALL GOOD.  This is my LAST week with a screwy work schedule unless somebody dies, or I get fired.  And, I'm pretty sure we're good on all both those eventualities.

I hope to have this project finished up before the Mildcats of KYJelly invade Baton Rouge on Saturday morning.  Nyuk...

It ain't gonna happen.


I've learned a thing or two about home remodeling in my 33 years of home ownership, and one of them things is that "It ain't gonna happen," is a pretty dang good expectation of how your timeline will pan out.  But, the older I get the more patient I become.

No rushing this one.  No working myself into a near-coma.  No "gotta get it did or the world will stop spinning" deal.  Nope. 

Anyway, there ain't no turning back on the deal, and I'll see y'all when I see y'all.  I know y'all love me, because I feel y'all's love.  And, I hope y'all know that I love y'all just the same.  I mean, my absence off the virtual net has nothing to do with any kind of hatred of y'all.



I've just got to get this floor did, and this dishwasher deal changed out.



  1. Andy, you're a good man, I don't care what everybody says.
    Good luck on that job, and I think getting #3 to help you is a stroke of genius.

  2. I don't care what everybody says.


    Jim, the #3 son deal was just dumb luck. He stopped by to see his Mom while I was at work, and got after it. Got a Cobb's Po-boy out of the deal, too.

  3. So, can Son #3 drop by to see us next week? We worked Jesse pretty hard this past weekend - I was about to blog about it. She may not want to come home for awhile. I told her - just get a man for a short while - big and dumb as a man can come - we could use the help.

  4. And people ask me why I didn't buy another house... I'll point 'em here the next time someone asks THAT dumb question.

    Good luck. And it's GOOD to have big strapping offspring near by!

  5. Will you still be accepting PayPal donations while you're away?

  6. Lou, I am sure that if he thought Jesse would be there, he'd be all over it.

    Just tell Jesse to make sure that the new fella' is "stronger than a country hoss."



    Mayor...YEP, YEP, AND TRIPLE YEP!!!

  7. Man, do I ever sympathize with the "it ain't gonna happen" thing. Poor Younger Daughter and SIL#2 have been living like refugees for months now and little progress on the horizon. Good luck!!


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