Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Andy needs a bath!

So, I had told y'all that we were headed in to a minor remodeling project here at Andy's Place.  


And, I had also told y'all that #3 son had done some heavy lifting yesterday by getting almost half the tile scraped up off the kitchen floor.  

Thank you, Jesus!

So, I had the day off from work today.  I took my Labor Day "Holiday" today, knowing that this was in the works.

Works began at roughly 0630 HRS.  This here is what had happened by 1030 HRS.

You can see that I had finally gotten all the old tile ripped out, and had laid most of  the underlayment for the new flooring by that time.  I decided to do it in, rip some tile, lay some some tile, lay some underlayment.  (I did that so that each muscle group in my decrepit body could be over-taxed in equal stages.  I'm SMART like that).

This was also about the time I was thinking, "I shoulda' got me a Mexican!!!"  I mean, where are they when you need one?  


But, I forged on, and by roughly 1200 HRS, all of the old tile was boxed up, set on the side porch, and the entire underlayment was did.  

Not bad.  (Except for the fact that I know I am gonna be suffering by tomorrow morning, due to the fact that I do not work hard like this very often...and I suck).  You may notice that the kitchen door is missing in the upper left hand corner of that shot.  "Why?" you ask.

Because the underlayment is thicker than what was down there, meaning that Andy got locked in to his own kitchen remodel project because the door would not open.  But, not to fear.  After about 17 tries at planing the bottom of the door, I finally got it where it will open and close.  Fortunatley, The Mrs. was at Lowe's when I trapped myself in, and she bought a new door sweep, seeing as I ripped the old one off.

I caught her on her cellular telephone before she left.

Life is good.

You may also notice Gargantua, the refrigerator sitting over yonder by the side kitchen door (she's the big white gal with pictures all stuck to her).  She does not reside there permanently.  I just had her parked temporarily all over the kitchen, because I didn't want to try to get her big ol' ass out of there.  She is gynormous, and requires her doors & hinges to be took off to get her out of the I worked her around (or worked around her...whatever).

So, as I type, y'all can know that this here projeck is getting did!  Little by little.

The Mrs. is up in there patching screw holes, and filling in the few unlevel joints with floor patch junk.

It's gonna be real nice.

Thank God, I have to go in to work tomorrow.

One more day off like this would surely end me up.

It is 1607 HRS right now.  Imma go shove gynormous frigerator back in her hole...hook the ice maker back up, and call it "good" for today.

Hope y'all had a good one, too!


  1. Right now, my arms and fingers are so sore and worn, I can hardly type this. The fridge is the first thing I noticed - due to the pics and things on it. Also, it looks like the one in my barn that is suppose to go in my house - someday.

  2. Lou, I KNOW you type the truth, because I KNOW what y'all been up to.

    We be slackers compared at y'all!

    You'll like the refrigerator once it makes the trip from the barn to your beautiful new house. Imma send a picture of ME for you to magnet on it.

  3. I looked in wonder and amazement, coupled with some amusement, too.

    Let me reiterate: this is why I did NOT buy another house.

  4. I can't wait to see it all finished!

  5. Me neither, Jana. Give me until about Thanksgiving. Nyuk...

    Girl, it is 4:23 am. I am awake, and even my hair is sore.

  6. Mrs. Andy is always one step ahead of you...she knows you well. She was probably just hanging out at Lowe's awaiting the phone call from you because she knew you would need something. She couldn't stay home and watch you torture yourself so the next best thing was to hang out at Lowe's with cell phone in hand waiting for your desperate pleading phone call of ...."Honey, could you do me a favor and go to Lowe's and get me "....

    Love that Mrs. Andy. She is one organized chick! are you recovering from your whole body being S-O-R-E?

  7. I hate it when my hair hurts. You're a better man than I am, Andy.

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  9. Kartman...I know. Everybody knows.

    Moogie...don't feel bad. You're a better woman than I am.

    Jill...anticipating the needs of a husband is the secret to a long and happy marriage. Plus, I knew she was there buying me some junk I needed anyway.

    Actually, she and the guy at The Lowes are getting pretty well acquainted. Maybe TOO well...

  10. I dun tile removal and replacement once.

    And only once...


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