Saturday, October 1, 2011

Where we at, and what we got??? (Week #5)

Where we at?

Home!  Thanks be to the Lord, my work schedule is finally straight days (in at 0600, out at 1430), with two days off hand-runnin' each week.  Hallelujah!

So, how's the kitchen upgrade coming?  Well, this here is what it looked like Friday evening at roughly 1900 HRS.

Flo' iz did!

Old floor completely extracted, new tile laid, 1/4 round installed, and EVERY STINKIN' TOOL that I own is somewhere where it's not supposed to be.

I like this stuff.  It is just peel and stick, but I swear, it is as hard as granite.  I mean, I could not cut it with a utility knife, so I reckon it ought to hold up until I croak.

Don't it purty?

I also got the new Whirlpool dishwasher installed.  Three times (don't ask).

It's a nice one, too.  It's what they call a "deep tub" model.  I swear, the bottom of that thing is on the floor, and the access panel is about two inches in height.  Let me give you a tip.  If you install one of these things, use one of them new flexible hose dealies, because there is ZERO room to get a wrench in there to hook up an old flared water line.

Just sayin'.

That cabinet door is removed, due to the fact that The Mrs. took it off to patch it before doing touch-up painting (which she is doing this morning).  Hey, we've got fruit cocktail, golden corn, sugar, & ketchup.  I guess The Mrs. is stocking up for The Great Tribulation, or something.

What we got?

We got the Hawgz v. the miserable fAggies of Texas A&M.  Jeepers, I still can not believe that we are allowing that bunch of retards in the SEC.  I am sure they will put them in our division, too.  It's bad enough that we've got to play the miserable Klan every season, and now they're going to throw that bunch of assish jackwagons in on us, too.


Arkansas 26 - A&M 17

My beloved Tigers will be at home for a conference game against the Mildcats of KYJelly.  We should win this one fairly easily, but it's those should deals in the SEC that can really screw you.  However, I figure a 14 point win, probably 35-21.

Can you believe that my #1 ranked Tigers will not be televised?  That's okay, though.  I plan to look at the Hawg game on the television, and look at my Tigers on my laptop.  Stereo football.

I guess the biggest game of the day will be the 'Bama v. Flarda showdown.  This one is tough.  'Bama is still unproven.  And, Flarda is a big question mark, too.  But, I think Corch St. Nick will pull this one out in a low scoring game.  'Bama 13 - Flarda 10.

That's all!  Oh wait!

The Gooble Mail screwed me again.  Last night this happened.  Again. 

I am so damn sick and tired of every couple of weeks having thousands of G-mails redeposited in my inbox.  It is a P.I.T.A. to go back and delete them all.

Y'all need to remember this, and never forget it.

Okay, I'll see y'all!  Y'all enjoy the games, and have a great weekend!

I love y'all!

I mean it.


  1. That's what I oughta do in my kitchen. The old dishwasher leaked for a while before anybody noticed, and now the vinyl floor is coming up. UGLY. But it scares visitors enough that they generally don't eat much, so there's that.

  2. The floor do purty indeed! I wish you and Lou were doing the floors at the Little Rock house!

    And YAY on the new schedule!

    My Hogs just scored the go-ahead TD and stopped the much-detested aggers. Holding my breath!!! 1st down!!! That's the game! Welcome to the SEC assies!

  3. Blogger won't let me comment.


    Jeez. I was gonna say - no, I actually tried three times to say - the following:

    The floor looks great. And I am sorry I sent you all those emails. I just didn't want them anymore.

  5. The floor does look great - you're good. The Aggies did put up a good fight. They can choke better than any other team in any football conference.

  6. I hope the "assies" (and I like that name) get their "assies" handed to them every game they play. Quitters! I took note that the quitter corn children also lost, and probably the quitter tatonka from CO did too, I just pay them no attention.

  7. That floor looks strangely familiar. Really. It does. It also looks really good. Srsly. It does.

    Football? ND won yesterday, which is all I need to know, thank ya.

  8. Thanks for the compliments on the floor. It was nothing, really. I can barely move today, but it was nothing.

    I like "assies," too. That one will stick here.

    Staci, WOW. Did the chirrens of the corn ever get their rear ends handed to them! Surprised me. Would y'all please find a way to keep A&M? Please?

    Buck, yes sir...I noticed from the photos of your new place a striking resemblance. Yours is probably real ceramic tile, though. Mine is just granite/vinyl. Yeah, I saw that your team snagged a W. Really good play, too. Congrats.

    Lou, I love ya', but I just do not know how you can still be a fan of a team that only plays for 30 minutes every Saturday.

  9. Andy, the floor looks great. And I feel yore pain, pal. I've done that, tiling that is. About 17 years ago, I put down a 24 x 24 floor in our rec/tv room. I still have aches from that job.

    RE: that Aggie thing. I say bring 'em in; the Commodores might have someone else they have a chance to beat. Possibly. Maybe. Okay, there's at least an outside chance we could defeat them. I mean hell could freeze over or something.


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