Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lou's light show.

This is one of those "you had to be there" deals...


  1. Paul, this was posted for a specific reason...shoulda' laid that out up front.

    It was an example of embedding videos for a friend.

    Shouda' laid that out up front.

    Hope y'all are doing good, Paul!

    Oregon SUCKS!

    Just sayin'...

  2. And it was exciting at the time.

  3. Actually, Andy, I've sat on my front porch in TX and watched lighting like that. Really enjoyed it 'til it got to close! Just enjoyed the video! That's what the "yup" was for!
    And, we don't get to much lighting in Oregon. Go Ducks!! Quack!!
    I'd say LSU sucks, but they beat us and I'd be lying and.......digging a hole here!!

  4. Lou, I'm sorry. I thought you were unfamiliar with embedding videos. My bad. I bet it was exciting at the time.

    Paul, I forgot you dwelt in W TX for many years. Man! Oregon, Texas, and now Georgia! It must really suck to have never lived where there is real football. Maybe you're a curse...nyuk.

  5. You done fergot warshenten and narf caralina. Almost had to go to Louiseanna onct but I paid someone and got out of it! The football wern't werf it! Dohhhhh...!!!

  6. Oh, Paul...Washington AND NC?


    Well, all I can say is that I am awfully glad that you paid your way away from Louisiana.

    I mean...bad football follows you around like the dust cloud did Pigpen.

  7. Although I have embedded a video, I couldn't seem to get it right the second time. Your comments on my blog were much appreciated.

  8. re: Bad football. SOME people who post here are living' the dream, or nightmare. Whatevah. As for me, I've stood in the shadow of The Library and had Touchdown Jesus bless me. I'll let ya kiss my ring if ya ask nice.


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