Friday, September 23, 2011

Where we at, and what we got??? (Week #4)


Where we at?  HOME, finally.

What we got?  Almost ZERO energy.  But, things be looking up at work, and I have incredibly high hopes that all will be right with the world within one week  There is good news there that I do not have the energy to relate.

Just trust me on it.

I had been working this post over in my head for a couple of days, and I'll swear to y'all that it was gonna be the most funniest, cleverest, wittiest, whateverist post in the history of Andy's Place.

Just trust me on it.

But, it will not turn out that way, because I have forgot most of what I was going to write down on the worldwide computer.

Just trust me on it.

#1 (ranked) OU finally plays a football game against a conference opponent, instead of the junior high teams they've handled handily up to this point.  They should be able to handle Mizzou, seeing as they are well schooled on playing junior high teams.  I'm thinking 30-6.

#2 (ranked) 'Bama takes on the Hawgz.  This is a toughie.  Neither team has played nobody yet, and the truth is that they might not tomorrow.  I'm calling a blow-out one way or the other.

Or, maybe Corch St. Nick sneaks out one by 2 points.

Maybe.  Probably not.

#3 (ranked) my beloved LSU Tigers must travel to the pitiful State of Robert C. Byrd, to play the University of Robert C. Byrd coal miners, at Robert C. Byrd Stadium in Robert C. Byrd Morgantown, West Virginia.  Now, I am up for correction, but I can't think of any team that has opened their season by playing 3 teams ranked in the Top 25 in their first 4 games.

I could be wrong.

Maybe.  Probably not.

What worries me about this game is that the ghost of Robert C. Byrd was not sufficiently burned, and he's likely to be up there in the stands casting his hoo-doo upon my beloved Tigers (the bastard).  But I take great comfort in that fact that we gots a bunch of witchy wimmens down in the swamps ready to do some pilin' on in the spiritual realm.

Also, the altitube bothers me.  Robert C. Byrd Morgantown, WV sits at roughly 1200 foots above sea level, and it might be a bit hard for our sea-level Bengals to adjust.  However, I'm not factoring that in much.  I figure by the end of the first quarter, the coal miners will wish they was down in the hole (the oxygen will be better for them there).

LSU 40 - RCBU 9

Okie State gets a big conference game against the retarded Aggies of Texas A&M (who are doing their best to sell themselves like a twenty-five-cent whore to anyone that will have them).   The Cowboys will crush, destroy, and send the Aggies back to the University libary to do more coloring.

This will be a blow-out!  I'm thinking 55 - 3, Cowboys.

The rest of the games will go about as planned.

Except...BYU & UCF. 

BYU was embarrassed last week, and they will be playing for pride against UCF.  

BYU 24 - UCF 20.

And, we can not end this up without highlighting the worst game of the weekend.  The Bulldogs of Georgia will take on the Klan Bears of Ole Miss at 12:21 pm on Saturday.  


I'm thinking this one will end in a scoreless tie after 17 overtimes, and at least one official suffering a heart attack.

Thank God that ESPN 3 has the Liberty v. Lehigh game in that time slot...


  1. >>>I could be wrong. Maybe. Probably not.

    Arizona's first 3 games were against top 10 teams.

  2. Yeah, but LSU won their first two. Arizona lost theirs.
    You're either a Tiger or Tiger Bait!

  3. Inno, I stand corrected. I do not follow minor conference ball much. Toledo & Tulsa may have played 3 top 25 teams, too. I'll check in to it.

    Jimbo, we are for real.

  4. Being an Okie Aggie and an A&M Aggie fan makes me double-bred Aggie retard. You never know with them Aggies - sometimes they will jump up and kick butt with a serious team only to lose to a "jr. high" team the next week.

  5. Who the Hell is Arizona? Photos or it ain't true.

    Andy, you shoulda picked the Vandy game, too. The Four Letter people both picked Vandy to win today based upon their stellar outing against the African American Bears last weekend. I snorted.

  6. Lou, bless your heart...

    I will always pick against A&M, and especially this year. I pray for NO REASON to surface to stir up any sentiment whatsoever for them to invade my conference.

    TD, that is chortle-worthy. But, Vandy probably will win, even though I wouldn't base a pick on their last victory like the monors did. Didn't think about that one.

  7. We shan't discuss Mr. Saban, who obviously has a contract with the devil, and my believed Razorbacks, but dang, Andy! I think the Tiggers may be the real deal this year!

  8. Moogie...dunno. Last year I expected a 9-3 season, and that's pretty well what we got (plus a drubbing of the fAggies in some "also ran" bowl game).

    This season I expected about the same. But, I'm not so sure now. We could possibly run the table.

    I'm still scratching my rapidly balding cranium over how a team can give up over 500 yards to their opponent, and still win by 26 points.

    There will be GREAT consternation, and chastisement from D Coordinator, I'm sure.


    There seems to be some kind of "magic deal" going on with Lester & The Boyz this season. I guess we will know after we travel to Tuscy, and face the others. seems y'all have our number! I'm not trying to jinx my beloved Tigers, but it's like somebody puts a spell on us when we face the Hawgz. My greatest fear is that we will humiliate St. Nick in Tuscy, and then fall apart against your Hawgz...relegating us to the ranks of the "beaten," and out of the title picture.

    Well...that's not really my "greatest" fear. If we lose to the Klan, I will throw myself off the top of the Horseshoe Casino Hotel.

    Good season so far. 'Bama is one bunch of tough motor don't take the loss too hard.


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