Tuesday, September 13, 2011

An open invitation to Innominatus to do Sunday Morning Quarterback...


Okay, I am WAY too busy on Sunday morning to do SMQ© anymore.  I asked Two Dogs to do it last week.  But, he politely declined, and told me that he was way too occupied with other important junk to do it. 

Draw your own conclusions.

Anyway, I'm sending out an open invite to Innominatus (who now blogs at some big time blog called "Y'all don't tread on me," or something) to do Sunday Morning Quarterback©.  

I mean...this coming up Sunday morning.  

I mean, I know it'll be kinda difficult, seeing as he's stuck in pacific 10/12/14/16/whatever country, but I've got a feeling that Inno has got the right stuff.  I mean, he don't seem to be the henhouse type of typical fans from up that way.

I think you can do it, Inno!!!  It's an open invite.

I'm desperate.  

I really need somebody with a true love of the Only Sport That Really Matters™ to take over for me.  I mean...when I was on top of my game, and hitting on all 8 back in the old days, I would get at least 10 to 12 visitors that regularly hit SMQ© like clockwork.

Just sayin' that it could be a fabulous blogportunity for somebody with the skillz to REALLY drive their traffic (and notoriety) through the roof like it did for me!

Back when I had time.

Anyway...it's an open invite Inno.

I'm desperate.



  1. Sure about that? I mean, when it comes to football in the south... Flarda, Flarda State, Miami... I can never remember which one is in the SEC, in the Big East, or in jail. Dunno if I'm really qualified.

    But I can spout a lot of bile about tOSU. I have that going for me.

  2. Crazy Fox, copy?

    Copy, Henhouse.

    I'm bleeding out bad, Crazy Fox. You've got the hat, so you're in charge. Over.

    Who, me, Henhouse? Over.

    Yep. It's a new rule. The guy with the Chickenhat MUST do SMQ. I'm desperate (and bleeding out, so everyone MUST have pity upon me, and do SMQ for me, because I suck at it now...even though I was once really good at it, and featured a bunch of really funny junk, and had at least a dozen people that looked at it).

    So, it's on you, Inno...I mean, Crazy Fox. Over.

  3. Can't wait to see the chicken hat review


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