Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Okay, I'd better do me a blog post, and it may as well be about College Football.


If y'all get tired of this, well, I'm really not sorry.  This blog is about the junk I care about, and College Football is high on the list.

My beloved LSU Tigers will start off Week 3 on Thursday night.  Which sucks!  I've gotta work on Thursday night, and I'm not sure where I will find a television to look at in a hospital.

But, I'll make do.

We gotta play Mississippi State in our first Championship Conference game.  I mean, we've had two extremely easy games against the chump teams, Oregon, and Northwestern State.  

To tell the truth, I'm a little worried about my Tigers traveling to Starkville, MS.  I mean...the last time I was on Hwy 82, it could barely handle small cars, much less big old buses full of big old monster football players.

But, the log cabin Burger King was still open, and the Darkhorse bar at the Starkville motel was still open.  

I have it on good authority that the log cabin Burger King has been demolished, and that the Patel with the Darkhorse still has a swimming pool with no water.  Sucks.  All the 12 to a room Mexican construction workers must be bored to death.

Anyway, we gotta play the miserable Bulldogs on Thursday night.

Which sucks.

I'll find a TV.  Trust me.

I'm predicting that we will struggle, because the MS State Bulldogs are better than they even think they are.  And, they got beat by the reigning SEC (by default National) Champion Auburn Tigers just a few days ago.  They will be out for bear.  

But, my beloved Tigers will win this one.  Probably by 10.  I'm thinking 24-14.  But, I could be wrong.  Problem is, we haven't played a real football team yet.  I guess we'll see...I mean, the first couple of games are traditionally scheduled to be easy. (And I still appreciate Corch Miles for not scheduling really easy teams like Texas A&M, Michigan, or Notre Dame for the easy games.  We at least needed to play against a few players that are worth a crap before our real schedule starts.)

The most interesting game of Week 3 to me is the OU/Flarda State game...but it's really a toss-up between that game and the Boise/Toledo game (which I will get at in a second).

Flarda State has played exactly nobody...ULM (nyuk) & Charleston State (double nyuk)...yet they are ranked at something like #5 nationally.  OU has played exactly nobody...Tulsa, and they are ranked at #1.  So, at this point it's hard to make a pick, seeing as neither team has actually played a real football game.

But, I'm gonna consult the magic 8 ball deal...

"This game will suck.  OU fans will go away disappointed with a 30 point win...because it should have been 50."

Now, back to Boise/Toledo.  I'm calling a major upset here.  Toledo will beat Boise.  Write this down.  Stick it on your 'frigerator door (catch that one, and winz you a prize).  Yep.  Toledo will beat Boise.

That's it.  My perdictions...

The only other game I think might surprise within the Top 25 is that The Vols of Tennessee might beat Flarda.  It's gonna be a close one, I think.

The rest of the higher ranked teams will win against their lower ranked opponents.  The Gators just might get whipped by Corch Dooley's Vols.  In fact, I'm gonna go ahead and call this one.  

Either Flarda, or Tennessee will win this one!  (Definitely)


  1. I was (briefly) excited about how Toledo was doing 'gainst the Buckeyes.

    Man, how I hate tOSU.

  2. Inno, my brother from another mother...Write this down...they will beat Boise.

    You know, one of the most wonderful things about the worldwide computer is discovering that a healthy hatred of Ohio State is almost universal.

    I mean, I thought it was just me...

  3. Would love to see Derek Dooley's boys do the job.

  4. Jimbo, I hate to be a P.I.T.A. But, it's "Corch Dooley."

    Just sayin'...

    Yeah, I've got a feeling that Corch Dooley is gonna get there one day. I will probably be dead and gone when he finally gets recognized.

    Lots of seasons to play...lots of exciting Sattidys ahead...

    But, I really think he will. I looked the guy straight in the eyes once. I saw no guile. You don't see that very often. Of course, I always doubt myself, and I'm pretty sure my discernment sucks...because I've been wrong more often than not.

    But, I think I'm right on Corch Dooley. Fine young man. TN is lucky to have him.

  5. I thought everybody hated Ohio State.

  6. Kartman, you are obviously right. I just did not learn that until I got on the worldwide computer a few years back.

    Like I said, I thought it was just me. It is comforting to know that I am in the huge majority on ONE thing.

  7. Corch Dooley? Is he the guy trying to clean up the mess of when Lame Kitten split to take a job in a real conference?

  8. Inno...


    Indeed, Corch Dooley left the safety and security of Ruston to spread his wings in the big, wide world. Indeed, he did land in the Lame Kitten box, and I really believe Dude has got a scooper.

    We shall see.

    As far as Lane goes...well, he got what he always wanted.

    And, deserved.


  9. Andy, since We Suck ground out an entire SEC game just four short days ago against The Barn, I think that the Geaux Tigers shall be facing a worn out team. Granted the game is in Starkvegas and coming to State is not easy anymore. Tigers by 30.

  10. Tigers by 30? Mitchell has no faith in Dan the Man or the fruit of his workmanship, Relf...nor, obviously, in the awesome power that the Boogie Man brings when he attends a game in Starkville (yes, I just referred to myself in third person...get over it).

    I hope we're not out for beat tomorrow (that comes around Thanksgiving). We better be out for Tiger.

    Hail State.

  11. Boogie, CROOM!!! made that team. He got rid of all the gold-toofed, tatted-up dumbasses and then got run outta town. Dan "the man" ran a grind 'em out offense for four solid quarters for no freaking reason this past Sattidy, when he knew that he had a a game on Thursday. 4.5 wins a season, that is what We Suck does. Embrace it and happiness follows.

    (Relf is NOT Cameron, no matter what Dan "the man" thinks.)

  12. Andy, from your keyboard to God's ears on the Okie/Osceola comment. I'm going to say this now in case I don't have another chance this season. WE'RE #1! Boomer!

  13. TD, I can't see it by 30. I'm sticking with 10.

    I mean, Boogie's gonna be waving his magic wand, and probably shirtless painted up with dog paws, or something. That's gotta be worth at least 12 men on the field every play.

    Boogie, take it from TD...Croom made that program. It was worse than a laughingstock when he showed up.

    Staci, you will have a chance to say it next week, too. Ain't no way in the bad place y'all will lose this one. I mean, it's Flarda State...it ain't BYU (nyuk).


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