Saturday, September 10, 2011

Where we at, and what we got???


Hey y'all!  Hugs, kisses, yada yada yada...

I am so dang busy that I might not even get to look at The Only Sport That Really Matters® today.

But...I know what's going on. 

Ohio State really sucks.  I mean, almost getting beat by Toldeo?  At The Horseshoe?

Y'all suck.

I don't know who in Provo puts together schedules and junk, but the BYU Cougars just happen to be playing my second least favorite team tonight...after beating my first least favorite team last week.  Good on y'all.  Make 'em eat grass.

My beloved LSU Tigers have our easy game this weekend.  Most quality teams start out their season with a couple of easy games (Like Ohio State...which sucks...starting out with Akron & Toledo...nyuk).  So, I guess Corch Miles an'em decided to start out with two easy teams...Oregon in week 1, and Northwestern State in week 2.  

Now, honestly it's hard to hate Northwestern State.  Bless their hearts.  And, I want to give good thankees to LSU for scheduling at least one easy game against an in-State University.  I mean, The Northwestern Demons will probably make more money on this one ball game than they will on all others combined this season.

I mean, my Tigers could have scheduled their easy game with an out of State chump team team like Texas A & M, or Notre Dame, or something...


Go to hell Demons, GO TO HELL!!!

Oh wait...y'all already live in Natchitoches.  Never mind.

I really am dang busy, and gotta be in to work early tomorrow.  I have respectfully requested that Two Dogs come out of retirement, and do Sunday Morning Quarterback©.  I have not received either an affirmative, or a negative.  But, if he does it will be much better than my assessment of junk.  So, TD, I'm beggin'!

That's all.  Gotta go and do some other junk.  Go Tigers, Go Eagles, Go Cougars,  Go Bulldogs (both), Go St. Nick, and Go to hell Northwestern.


  1. Oh wait...y'all already live in Natchitoches


  2. Moogie: Oh wait...y'all already live in Natchitoches


    I lived in Natchitoches for ONE SOLID YEAR. "Heh," indeed!


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