Sunday, September 11, 2011

Yeah, I remember/No I ain't forgot/Whatever.


We all remember where/when/etc.  It's hard to believe it's been 10 years.  But then again, it seems harder and harder to remember when things were different.

Lots of memories from that day.  The Mrs. with her Bible open to comforting passages...#2 son calling from Louisiana Tech, as he waited in line to give blood.  He had just arrived at LA Tech to study Professional Aviation...student planes would be grounded for months, and that really sucked.

But, I think the most profound memory was of #3 son (Now in the Army Reserve).  I was most worried about him.  He was 11 years old, and the others were either more mature, or too young to worry about it.  I thought all day about what I would say to him when he came home from school.  I knew he'd be hearing about it all day.

When he got home the whole joint was I'm sure your place was, too.  He sat down in front of the TV with us.  Not sure how to approach it, I asked him, "Phil, do you know what 'terrorism' is?"

He answered, "Yeah...that's how poor people fight wars."


  1. You needn't have worried about him. That's something pretty profound to come out of the mouth of a young man whose voice probably hadn't even changed yet.

  2. No doubt, Moogie. Truth is...the boy is too "deep" for his own good.

    Better to be shallow, like yours truly...

  3. Like Moogie, I'm impressed with SN3.


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