Friday, October 28, 2011

Andy dun had him a "day off!"


Yep!  It looks like I finally am having two solid days off from my second job hand-runnin'.  And, I had me my plan for my first day.

(That would be today...Friday, August 28)...crud, I meant October 28.  Crud.

Let's see how it went.

0530 HRS - Wake up. (An extra hour and a half of sleep)

0531 HRS - Tinkle & dump.

0535 HRS - Start coffee pot.

0545 HRS - Check The Gooble Mail.

0549 HRS - Print out Daddy's orders.

0552 HRS - Start packaging orders for my own biz.

0630 HRS - Drink first cup of coffee.

0645 HRS - Make a break for the toilet, and dump again.

0700 HRS - Finish packaging orders for my own biz.

0730 HRS - Take a bath, and prepare for the rest of my "day off."

0745 HRS - Take another dump.

0820 HRS - Arrive at United States Post Office to drop off shipments.

0912 HRS - Finally get finished at the Post Office.

0930 HRS - Head to Fred's Discount Store so The Mrs. can get some junk we need.

0940 HRS - Duck out from Fred's to go to The AutoZone two stores down, and get some motor oil, coolant, and a rear-view mirror glue-up kit dealie.

1005 HRS - Arrive at the City "recycling location," and unload all the plastic/paper/tin cans/cardboard from the car that we taken with us (being careful not to throw away the junk we bought at Fred's, and The AutoZone).

1015 HRS - Arrive at The Home Depot to purchase a new kitchen faucet, threshold, and door sweep for the kitchen.

(We still have not finished off that kitchen floor job we did about 3 weeks ago, and as I told y'all, we gots just a dribble of hot water from the Moen single handle faucet. I bought an American Standard this time...hope it will last longer than 3 years, unlike that cheap POS Moen faucet).

1045 HRS - Get a haircut.

(Dang...I was looking awful shaggy, but my Thai barber lady got me 'looking good.' Turns out she has a new 'man friend' from South Carolina who was there in the shop. He is a HUGE Clemson fan, and we had a helluva good talk about The Only Sport That Really Matters).

1100 HRS - Take The Mrs. to eat lunch at this new chink buffet on Airline Drive that everybody is 'gaga' over.

('s okay... The eggrolls are above average, but the swimps are cooked way too hard. But, The Mrs. said that their sushi rocks. I wouldn't know, because I refuse to eat the crap. But, for $14.50 total it was okay. Still not as good as Ming Garden across from Shreve City, but okay).

1200 HRS - Arrive back at Andy's Place, and begin to install new American Standard faucet.

1220 HRS - Pray for forgiveness for taking The Lord's Name in vain.

1300 HRS - Smile a dookie-eatin' smile, because the faucet is IN, and not one hint of a leak.

1305 HRS - Take a badly needed leak.

1320 HRS - Install threshold, and door sweep on the outside entry to the kitchen (you know...the kitchen that has the new floor).

1345 HRS - Pray for forgiveness for taking The Lord's Name in vain.

1400 HRS - Break out the caulk gun and almond caulk...apply generously around door frames, 1/4 round, in nail holes, etc.

1500 HRS - Check The G-Mail, and see retarded follow-up comments, pictures of nekkid women that SOMEBODY thought was funny, and an endorsement by a relative for Newt Gingrich for President.

1600 HRS - Lay down that ridiculous blue duct tape around the 1/4 round in the kitchen that they CLAIM will come up without ripping the paint off.

(They lie. I have learned that it is a HUGE lie about it not ripping extraneous paint off of junk. The trick is to put it down...paint...and as quick as you're finished painting, go ahead on and rip it off the floor before the paint actually dries, or you'll have to go back and paint again.)

(Just sayin'...)

1615 HRS - Paint the 1/4 round, dab in bunches of it in the nail holes, touch up the baseboards & door frames, and rip the blue tape up.

1700 HRS - Start that re-tiling job in the hallway bathroom that has been hanging for two weeks.

1740 HRS - Take another badly needed leak.

(I'm thinkin' that I drank too much water with my chink buffet)

1858 HRS - Post this on The Globber.

2000 HRS - Eat a half a gallon of The Kroger Cookies & Cream Ice Cream, smothered in peanut butter & The Kroger Chocolate Syrup.

(Okay, I know it ain't 2000 HRS yet. But trust's gonna happen).

Well, that's how Andy's "day off" went. Hey, I'm planning a really, really, WAY cool post tomorrow for all three of y'all Tennesseans that visit Andy's Place regularly.

It's gonna be cool.

I'll see y'all morgen.


  1. Sounds like a real good day. 'Cept 55 minutes between startin' the coffee and gettin' 'round to drinkin' it is TOO DANG LONG.

  2. I noticed that time frame on the coffee also.

    And was that 3 trips to the dump? :)

  3. Tennessee is waitin for ya!!!
    Hey, that was some day off.

  4. You made me tired, Andy! And it's good to see that your focus is in the best place for your kidneys and gut.

  5. WoW Andyman, you are full of it!!!:)

  6. No Dr. Jill, he WAS full of it! (g)

  7. I missed the part where you stopped at the sporting goods store. No day off can be complete without.

    I see that you and I speak the same language when fixing things around the house.

  8. Gee, I'm glad you got the chance to relax on your day off.


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