Saturday, October 29, 2011



I awoke this morning to discover that someone I know had done just about the shittiest (excuse my French) thing to a dear, lifelong friend of mine (ours, really...Pam has known him even longer than I have) that I've seen someone do in years.


I am so damn mad that I can barely see straight!

I want y'all to realize just how unusual this is.  Andy does not get mad.  Seriously, I don't.  It gripes the fool out of some folks that know me, at how even-tempered, and slow to rile I am.  

No brag here...sometimes I probably let too much slide because of it.  Some might consider it a "weakness," and they might be right.

It's just my nature.

But, NOW I'm iz angry.

Real angry.


To all my Tennessee buddies, I just may not get that post did today as promised.  Just let me say I am pulling for y'all to lay it on The Head Ball Corch & his cocks.

That's all. Y'all have a blessed day in The Lord!


  1. Good picture; your haircut does look good. Makes you look a tad bit younger. Hate you are mad though - you must be really steamin' cuz I've never known you to be so ticked-off. Hope it all works out!

  2. Hope you get to feeling better. Great picture.

  3. Letting things slide isn't a weakness. I think it's learning to choose your battles.

  4. Hey y'all! Thanks for the comments. I do look good, don't I?

    And, I'm not mad anymore. Nope.

    Thanks for caring.

  5. Hope it all works out, Billy Jack.

  6. MOogie...nyuk...

    Jeepers, I have not thought about that film since you were 18. Imma see if it's on The Netflix.


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