Friday, October 21, 2011

MAN! If it ain't one somethin', it's one somethin' else...(just so I can say proudly that I posted something NOT about College Football).

Dang!  So, I finally REALLY had two days off hand-running.  When we last left you, we were deep in the midst of plumbing/need for re-tiling/Andy's Place is falling apart junk.

So, I figured it'd be good to go ahead on and maybe work on getting the hallway bathtub/shower re-tiled so that it can be usable by #4 son, and by any unexpected house guests (which if they show up, I will shoot them in the head).  So, me and The Mrs. haul our cookies to The Lowes, and The Home Depot looking for 1948 yeller tile.

As expected, yeller does not match now.  So, we decided to buy the standard "black."  We got "black" because there is black trim all around in the hallway bathroom tile, and black is black.  It's still the same color all these years gone by.  Trust me.  It is.

So, since 1030 HRS, I worked on trying to get the plywood and backer board set as close as possible to flush.  IT. BE. IMPOSSIBLE.  I swear, if I could dig up the dude that built this house, I'd rip him limb from limb...and put the video on The YouTube.

I actually got finished with preliminary work about 1320 HRS...which wasn't bad at all.  So, I went out to the storage to get my tile saw.  I noticed it was a bit rusty, since it had not been used in a coon's age.  So, I decided to just whack it on the ground to loosen it up a bit.  The damn thing fell in to 13 pieces.


Gotta get a new tile saw before proceeding with this project.

Believe it or not, that's a good thing.

So, I can quit, right?  NO!!! Now, it seems that my Moen single handle kitchen faucet has quit putting hot water out, except for a trickle.  I got up under there, undid the junk...flushed all I could...tore apart the fixture top...had The Mrs. hold a rag over the top of the fixture, so as not to soak the ceiling when I turned it all back on.

Gotta get a new kitchen faucet.


If it ain't one somethin', it's one somethin' else.

I MIGHT work on some of that junk tomorrow, seeing as tomorrow shapes up to be the absolute dullest day in College Football this season.  As we know, it is The Only Sport That Really Matters™. But, the scheduling quirks have left this weekend pretty dang dull.

The most important game will be when my beloved LSU Tigers face off against the miserable other tigers tomorrow at 2:30 in Baton Rouge.  Yeah...Lester had to suspend a couple of starters for doin' weed (or something...not really sure what).  But, we should handle the #20 team by 20.

Oh, I forgot.  There is a big game with BSCS implications between Wisconsin & Michigan State.  I picked Michigan State last week against michigan, and was right.  I'm picking 'em 3 over The Badgers.

Corch St. Nick's Tide will probably skunk Derek's sharpshooters 24 to nought, and the BSCS standings will remain where they are until we play 'Bama for the real National Championship on Nov. 5 in Tuscaloosa.

Well, that's all!  When I get this re-tiling/plumbing job did I'll show y'all pictures.  Really, I will!

Y'all have a fabulous weekend, and enjoy the gaaaaaaaamz!


  1. They ain't got no pink tile??

  2. Real funny, Jim.

    Reeeeeeeeeel funny.

  3. Jim, this ain't in Andy's bedroom.

    By the way, Andy, photos or it didn't happen.

  4. Funny, Paul.

    Reeeeeeeeeel funny.

    Photos there shall be.

    BTW, thanks for the advice! I took out the 7/16 OSB...went with 1/4" plywood, 1/4" backerboard, 37 shims, 18 drill screws, and two Ibuprofen.

    It's gonna look real nice, and Imma show y'all pitchers. Once The Mrs. finishes it up...

  5. Laughing at the comments~Get er done.

  6. When it rains, it pours. And what Paul said. Need to be positive you ain't spoofin' us.

  7. Sorry about the maintenance issues but I know that It's Always SUMTHIN'™.

    As for: ...seeing as tomorrow shapes up to be the absolute dullest day in College Football this season.

    There's NEVER a dull day during hockey season. Never.

  8. Ooh. I feel your plumbing pain. Younger Daughter (the one living in our rent house that is having the addition done) bought herself a brand new Augur to clear a blockeage in the existing bathroom lavatory, and now she hyas herself a brand new hole in the U pipe.

    She's learning a lot about plumbing. SIL#2 just looks at her and shakes his head.

    I hope you're right about the Badgers going down!


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