Friday, October 21, 2011

So, The Mrs. got a phone call that made her heart sink...

This morning, The Mrs.' telephone rang.  The number was unfamiliar, but she answered it anyway.

There was a man on the other end of the line that started with something like, "Hello Mrs. Reeves.  I'm Sgt. so-and-so with the 100th-somethin' or another squadron."

At this point, The Mrs. felt her heart drop down to her knees. 

He continued, "I know that you have a family member deployed to Afghanistan.  We are just calling to let you know that if you have any needs we want to know about them.  Please contact us if we can be of help in any way."

That is bitchin', IMHO!!! 

After she gathered herself, The Mrs. told The Sgt. that she truly appreciated the call, and that she had talked to Dean several times, and was really thankful for the call.  

Man...that was REALLY good of the USAF!


  1. My first thought before reading further was that she chewed him out for scaring her so badly. But seriously, that is a nice gesture.

  2. I know exactly how she felt. I have a nagging feeling that the Navy is going to call me with bad news, too.

    Something like, "Mr. Mitchell, your son Ben broke Camp Lejeune and we need you to pay for the damage or either come up here and clean up his mess."

  3. Lou, awesome indeed.

    Dave, she's not the kind to chew folks out. Much.

    TD...sigh... Dude, I know that Ben can break a steel ball, but I'm iz proud of the boy. Really, I am. I mean, Camp LeJeune still survives all these months. I've got faith in the young man...he gots good jeans.

  4. It seems like USAF's brass is payin' a LOT more attention to family support than they used to, and that's a Great Good Thang. Just sayin'.

  5. That is a great good thing. It might be worth re-visiting how the USAF contacts the family to offer this service, however. When The Son heads to Afghanistan next year, I doubt whether my blood pressure could withstand a "Hello, this is SGT Whomever" intro.

    And good on Ben, too, for sparing Lejeune!


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